Basic garden tools - worth buying for your garden

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Basic garden tools - worth buying for your garden

Gardening is one of the trending hobbies across the globe. Everyone likes to have a small garden in their house. But they might not have sufficient knowledge about the tools used for gardening. There are some basic tools which are used in gardening. Let us know about some of the basic garden tools.

1. Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel is one of the basic garden tools used in gardening for digging the soil. The pointed edge helps in digging the soil and the flat surface is used to take out the soil. It can also be used to scoop the soil, transplanting the seedlings etc., It is made of metal with a wooden or plastic handle. This design makes a garden trowel ideally suited to working in the close quarters of flower beds, and for tasks like transplanting, handling seedlings, and placing bulbs. Some gardeners also like to use trowels for removing the weeds, since the small, sharp blade can help to uproot stubborn weeds.

2. Garden Cultivator

Garden Cultivator is used for mixing the soil before sowing the seeds or saplings. It is also used to remove weeds from the soil. This garden tool is made of metal with a wooden or plastic handle. As it has finger-like structure, it can be used as a plow for smaller plants and for loosening the soil. The cultivator can remove the weed seeds from the soil surface and expose young weed sprouts. These young seedlings will die when left exposed on the soil surface. Weed seed germination is also interrupted by cultivating.

3. Garden Shears

Garden Shears are used for cutting the unwanted or diseased parts of a plant. They are small, hand-held, scissor-like clippers used to cut thin branches from bushes and small trees. This garden tool is also called gardening scissors. The sharp blades of the shears help in cutting the plant parts. It is also used for trimming the plants and designing them. It is made of metal and the handle is made of either plastic or wood. This is also one of the useful tools for gardening.

4. Hand fork

The hand fork is a common garden tool used for loosening the soil. Its finger like structure helps in mixing the soil and uprooting the unwanted plants. It has a bigger tooth when compared to the gardening cultivator. The sharp edges help in penetrating into the soil and mixing the soil. It is made of metal with the wooden or plastic handle.

5. Garden Weeder

Garden Weeder is used in removing weeds from the soil. It is made of metal with the wooden or plastic handle. It is made of a long metal stick and has a split structure at the end which helps in removing the weeds from the soil. The V-shaped sharp end penetrates into the soil and uproots the weed plants. As this garden tool is long, it can go reach the roots of the weed in the soil easily.


6. Gardening Kurpa

Gardening Kurpa is also used to loosen the soil before sowing the seeds or seedlings. Its blades help in digging the soil and loosening it. This garden tool can also be used to remove the weeds from the soil. It is made of metal with the wooden or plastic handle.


7. Pressure sprayer

The pressure sprayer is one of the most useful garden tools used by the gardeners. It is made of plastic material. It has a pump above the container which creates pressure. Once the trigger is pressed, the liquid inside the container will be sprayed. This is often used to cure plant diseases and sometimes to water the plants. The plant medicine is filled in the container and sprayed to the plants. We can spray the liquid continuously at one shot by creating the pressure inside the sprayer. The sprayer beak has a nozzle which can be adjusted such that the liquid sprayed can be spread or made coherent.

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