11 DIY Planter Stand Ideas To Beautify Your Home With Plants

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11 DIY Planter Stand Ideas To Beautify Your Home With Plants

Plants are an essential and indispensable resource. We rely on them for our food, water, clean air, habitat, and ability to fight climate change.

Plants don’t just transform our outdoors, but they have the potential to transform our lives indoors too. Research shows that indoor plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress and promote comfortable, soothing, and natural feelings.

If you’re looking to enhance your well-being and add beauty to your home, then this guide is for you.

Planter stands give your plants height and create the illusion of a bigger space. So, there will be better play of light around the room and smart use of space.

In this article, we’ll cover some lovely DIY planter stand ideas.

Why DIY planter stands?

  • Because that makes use of your creativity
  • You know your space better than anyone else, so you would be the best for this job
  • It is a cost-saving approach to beautify your garden and home

In case you’re open to buy some readymade planter stands, we’ll also share

  • Unique planter stands you can choose online from Trustbasket

Are you ready to check out some beautiful planter stands?

Let’s get started then.

DIY Planter Stands

1. Wooden plant stand

For this, you need a wooden plank, some wooden legs, nuts, and screws. Maybe you have a wooden bench that hasn't been used in a while. Take off that wooden plank and clean it. Then, make marks where the legs should go for the best support. Three sections should be marked, all equally spaced apart: two ends and the center for the legs. Use nuts and screws to secure the legs, and if necessary, get professional assistance. After that, polish the wood well or paint it in your favorite color. The simple wooden plant stand is ready to showcase your green friends.

2. Drawer plant stand

You can pull out any old drawers that have been sitting unused in your home. Clean it, then use nuts and screws to attach some wooden legs. You might opt to paint the drawer in vibrant colors if it appears too old. Place your plant pots in it, and it is good to go for the space by your window.

3. Ladder plant stand

This DIY plant stand concept would work perfectly with an "A-shaped" ladder. To join the ladder stairs, you need some wooden boards. It would also be useful if you could arrange wooden or aluminum trays. Therefore, measure the length of the stairs after expanding the ladder. The wider stairs are those at the bottom. Set up different-sized hardwood planks, wooden trays, or aluminum trays for the various stair levels. Before gluing or using screws and nuts to attach them to the stairs, clean them. You could color it with paint. Bring beautiful indoor plant containers finally to finish off the decoration.

4. Concrete plant stand

For this DIY project, you will require a bag of concrete, a bucket, a shovel, cooking oil, color, wooden legs, and water. First of all, you have to decide the thickness of the top of the stool. Once that is decided, you can determine the depth measurement and mark the bucket accordingly to pour the concrete. The interior of the bucket should next be properly greased with cooking oil to enable the release of the concrete. Pour the necessary quantity of concrete into the bucket now, and then mix the batter with water. It's important to keep in mind that this batter cannot be either too thick or too thin. To get rid of any air bubbles in the concrete, tap the bucket on the ground. Add the wooden legs now, starting in the middle and spacing them evenly. You must give it a full day of undisturbed rest. Put the bucket upside down, and the plant stand would come off easily. You may now paint the legs.

5. Book plant stand

This is the coolest and simplest DIY plant stand idea of all. You must have a lot of good books at your house. Take the thick ones out and stack them on top of one another. If you want to put three plate pots, you'll need three book stands. So, two of them can be placed as usual where the books are placed uniformly. The one in the middle can be different, i.e., keep one book at 90 degrees and the one on top of it at 60 degrees, and repeat this pattern until you achieve the height you want Place the plant pots on these book plant stands.

6. Shoe rack plant stand

You might make a fantastic DIY plant stand out of an old shoe rack. Clean it, paint it, and keep your plants. But you may also take measurements of the rack shelves and bring some wooden boards to place on each one. Jazz up the shoe rack by coloring it in your preferred color. Paint the wooden planks in a pattern. Finally, place the plant pots and spruce up your place. It will be a lovely décor item for your entrance, balcony, or living room.

7. Marble plant stand

This DIY project requires a block of square or rectangle-shaped white marble, as well as an old or new sleek and tall side table. Place this marble on the side table. As the marble is pure white in color, it would be nice if you could use a contrasting color for the side table. Paint the side table in colors like black, navy blue, purple, or wine color. Now just place your plant pot on it. Choose a plant container in white or that is made of ceramic to match the classic style. Put it in the living area next to your sofa.

8. Card board boxes and rope plant stand

You receive a large number of cardboard boxes from online deliveries. Use them to create a cute DIY plant stand. Take one medium-sized cardboard box and use some old papers and sand to stuff it. Close the box neatly with tape. This is done to give the box some density. Now, wrap the rope around the box and glue it. Cut a piece of fabric from your collection of vintage clothes, and pin it on the box's top. Place your plant containers finally.

9. Old TV unit plant stand

Clean your old TV unit and place the plants. If the pots are old, you might wish to get new ones before putting the plants in them. The plant stand would definitely look better with new planters. For this vintage TV unit plant stand, choose lucky bamboo plants, bonsai plants, or jade plants.

10. Rope spool plant stand

Get a spool, thick ropes, glue, paint, and acrylic pens for this cool plant stand. Clean the spool and paint it in dark color. Wrap the rope around the centre of the spool once the paint has dried. Start by using hot glue to attach the rope to the end of the spool. As the middle portion is wrapped with rope, cut the excess. Now write something cool on the spool using the vibrant acrylic pens. It might be a lovely saying, a poem you wrote, or just some creative graphics. Finally, place the plants on it, and it is ready for display.

11. Old cans & wood plant stand

Grab two wooden circles and some old, similar-sized cans. The cans should be cleaned and dried. Paint one can in vivid pink or yellow tones. Take a single circular wooden block and attach the can to it with glue. Place the other piece of wood on top of the can using glue. Now apply some wood polish or use a light color to paint it. Your DIY planter stand is ready to hold your plants. If you want a larger plant stand, use three or four cans and repeat the process with larger-diameter wooden blocks.

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