5 Vegetable gardening suggestions for this season

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5 Vegetable gardening suggestions for this season

Gardening is not only having a fancy collection of plants or flowers. An intelligent way of gardening also includes having vegetables, greens that we can use in daily life diet so that you can be healthy and have a great environment for plants at your home.


The below vegetables are more suitable for rainy and winter season coming up in India so that you can consider to have them in your garden.


1. Bitter Gourd: Being the most benefit-able vegetable bitter guard must be mentioned first here.

This is one of the best vegetable diets to use. It also can grow well in a rainy season.


2. Cucumber: I have seen this plant in most of the homes and it really gives a fresh look to your garden with really fresh looking cucumber falling on the pot. Its a great side dish used in daily life and also can be taken as an evening snack with chili flavored chutney.

3. Beans: Being one of the most used vegetables in daily life, beans surely gets a place in this list.

This is also an easy vegetable to consider to have in your garden.


4.Tomato: This is the cutest and essential daily need for life one of the best option to vegetable gardening. Tomato can be consumed as a vegetable as well as a fruit. 


5. Ridge Gourd: The best vegetable with more nutrients this is one of the widely found members in the gardening. It gives warm and pleasant greenish look to your garden.


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  • Posted on by Madhu Arora

    I had bought seeds from u . Most of d plants r doing well specially d beans but my ridge gpurd and bottle gourd is not forming .flowers just fall off.any suggestions. I had no luck wd my rose marry a d salad.plants didt sprout only.kindly suggest howu to get results

  • Posted on by Rajeev Tewari

    Do you sale white Onion seed?

  • Posted on by Jini Mathew

    I’m very interested in growing my own veggies. But u hv never grown plants before. So will trust basket b guiding me if I buy a growth kit. Bcoz of d things listed in d kit I don’t know d uses of any thing. Plz let me know. Regards.

  • Posted on by Aruna

    I am ordering it for the first time let’s see

  • Posted on by Stefan Botts

    It is necessary, then, either to start these crops early inside or to buy plants at a garden center or greenhouse. Start seeds in plastic trays or peat pots that are 3-4 inches deep.

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