8 Tips to set up a Beautiful Indoor Garden

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To grow plants indoor we need to look after some measures and make it look beautiful. Check out these tips to have a successful and beautiful indoor garden.

How to grow an indoor garden

  1. Look for the best place in the house for each plant.
  2. The ideal spot for plants are in front of a large window facing east or west, filtered if necessary through a net scrim curtain
  3. If you have a plant that thrives on lots of sun, place it on a windowsill facing north or north-east.
  4. Check soil moisture regularly and inspects leaves to check they are not being burnt
  5. Ferns and other moisture-loving plants do best in vaporous rooms like bathrooms 
  6. Water the plants from bottom and every pot should have holes in the bottom through which the water is absorbed
  7. If you don't want your plant to die of heat or cold, avoid placing it in draughty areas or near ducted heat or A/C outlets.
  8. Get fluorescent lights which helps the seeds to germinate faster.
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