Astrological plants with logical significance

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Astrological plants with logical significance

Astrology is a concept on which the life of a man will be depending. It is the basic concept followed by the Hindus and a few other religions. Plants and Trees have a great significance in Astrology. Nature is treated as the supreme power in Astrology. Our ancestors have given great prominence to plants and trees. Here are some of the trees and plants with (astro)logical point of view.

1. Peepal Tree or Ashwatha Vriksha

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Peepal tree is considered to be one of the most auspicious trees in astrology. Peepal tree is worshipped and considered as the essence of Trimurthis Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. There is a holy chant that proves it.

Moolatho Brahma roopaya | madhyatho Vishnu roopine ||
Agratha Shiva roopaya | Vriksha rajaya they namaha ||

which means the root of Peepal tree is considered as Brahma, the creator; the trunk is considered as Vishnu, the protector and the top part of the tree is considered as Shiva, the destroyer.


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This tree is also called Kalpavriksha which means the tree that fulfills our wishes. It is believed that by worshipping this tree, the problem of infertility can be solved and the unmarried gets married. The shadow of this tree is proved to impact on our brain activities and keeps our mind calm.

2. Tulsi or Holy Basil

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Tulsi or Holy Basil is one of the sacred and most worshipped plants. Tulsi is personified as a Goddess in the Vedas and is also called ‘Vaishnavi,’ as she is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is believed to be the symbolic representation of the goddess on earth in the form of a plant. The Puranas say that Lord Vishnu will be exceptionally pleased if you worship the God with Tulsi. Hence the leaves of Tulsi is considered special while worshipping Lord Vishnu.

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This plant's importance is explained in the chant as

Yanmule sarvatirhaani | Yanmadhye sarvadevata||
Yathagre sarvavedaascha| Tulsi taam namaamyaham ||

which means I bow to the goddess Tulsi where all the holy river resides at its roots, all the gods reside at its stem and the Vedas reside at its top part. Tulsi also has medicinal value. Ayurveda recommends the use of its leaves for many ailments. It is boiled in water and consumed to cure cough and throat infections. Even ailments as serious as cancer can be prevented by eating few Tulsi leaves in the morning in empty stomach.

3. Mango tree or Aamra Vriksha

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Mango is called the king of Fruits. It produces delicious fruits. It is considered as the symbol of love and affection. The leaves of this tree are predominantly used in almost all the religious ceremonies. A "Purnakumbha" is a pot filled with water and topped with fresh mango leaves and a coconut and considered to be the "sthapana" or the beginning of the puja. The pot symbolizes Mother Earth, water inside the pot is the essence of life, coconut is the divine consciousness and the mango leaves symbolize life. The whole "Purnakumbha" symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi and good fortune. The mango leaves are serially arranged using a thread and tied above the main door. This chain of leaves is called "thoranam". It is considered as the sign of prosperity. Hence "thoranam" is tied during the auspicious occasions. It is also believed that the negative energy gets repelled by the mango leaves.

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Some of you may consider these practices spiritual and some may consider it a superstition. But there are definitely some logical reasons behind all these astrological practices. In the name of God, our ancestors have shown the importance of growing plants and trees. There is no harm in considering them God as they are very useful to the other living creatures in one or the other ways. These practices may look like imparting superstitions but they encourage growing more plants.

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