Transform your balcony into your own personal heaven

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Transform your balcony into your own personal heaven


Balconies offer you the opportunity to bring colour and life to your outdoor space, irrespective of its size. With the concrete buildings taking up most of the ground space the natural wonders are getting chopped off giving space for building construction. The space crisis can be pretty saddening if you are passionate about gardening. Don’t let this problem stop you. Due to space constraints, you can create a balcony garden. A balcony is the best little spot offering abundant sunlight for your plants to grow. Hanging flower pots and railing planters are the perfect options to save space. Utilize whatever minimum space you have and convert it into your bright, colourful gardening spot. Creating a balcony garden can be fun and fulfilling. The hanging planters make any space charming and enchanting. Railing planters are the perfect choice when your gardening area is small. Railing planters are those which can be hung from the railing of the balconies allowing you to plant as much as you wish to. These plants will add instant warmth and style to your place.

Why one should have railing pots on their balcony?

Many apartments don’t have a big balcony. Balconies may be small and congested in many cases. In such circumstances, you can opt for vertical gardening. Plant climbing flowering plants along the walls of your balcony. Use balcony railings and install hanging flower boxes along with them which will save a lot of space. Hanging planters from the ceiling is another form of efficient space management. They are easy to set up and do not come with a lot of maintenance. Choose from a variety of railing planters online in India available in innovative and colourful designs.  

Benefits of having railing pots

  • Railing pots come in handy when you are living in an apartment with not enough space for gardening. This will bring a little bit of nature into your room.
  • In modern apartments, the use of railing flower pots is very common as it is very easy to install and it gives a beautiful look.
  • Railing planter pots come with supporting brackets and detachable hooks. You can use the brackets to securely attach the planters to the balcony railings and use the detachable hooks when you want to hang the planters in the ceilings.
  • These admirable railing planters are well available in the form of metal, plastic, clay and wooden. There are many railing planters online, you just need to search for accurate services by the manufacturing companies and easily order them sitting at home.
  • You may choose from a variety of flower pots in your preferred colours and designs and decorate your balcony railing accordingly.
  • Railing planters are pretty easy to maintain and save you from the hassle of a big garden. You can also change the look of your balcony if needed by just repositioning them.
  • Unlike a big garden, you need not bend and water the plants. It makes caring for and watering the plants an easy task.
  • These plants come with a hole at the bottom which provides better aeration to the roots. It protects the plants from rotting.

About Trust Basket

Trust Basket is an online gardening store that helps to convert your dream into a reality. We are one of the best places to shop railing pots online. At Trust Basket, we offer a variety of railing plants in different colours and shapes. These planters are lightweight and can weigh around 1 kg which makes them easy to carry from one place to another. It can hold about 20 to 30 kg which helps you to grow all kinds of plants. Oval and rectangular planters can be used to grow common vegetables, climbers, root vegetables and greens. Bee shaped planters with wings are our most decorative planters which can be used to grow small flower plants loved by children. For more choices visit our website and get your favorite planters and pots delivered to your doorstep. It would help to make a personalized garden of your own. 


Railing planters are a great way of organizing and beautifying your outdoor space. It gives you your own private space and saves you from the hassles of outdoor gardening.



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