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About Decorative Bamboo Plants

Lucky bamboo is a popular and now widely available plant that many people associate with good fortune. Much of the popularity of lucky bamboo results from the fact that it is easy to grow. The ultimate low-maintenance plant, lucky bamboo can survive under almost any light conditions lucky bamboo is believed to bring good luck and fortune when gives as a gift to friends , family , or co-workers.

If you are looking for an indoor plant which can be grown in less light and minimum care then you can select a bamboo plant. Bamboo plant is an essential element in traditional asian style of decorating home. It is a modern style of decoration using bamboo plant. Bamboo plants not only decorate home at the same time they also bring luck a well. Lucky bamboo it is an amazing plant which gives very peaceful atmosphere and energy to your home.  If you are trying to design your living home with live plants its best to grow a small indoor bamboo garden.  Depending on the size of the bamboo plant you choose you can grow them in either in a container or ground. The two layered luck plant is the best bamboo plant to grow in a container.

Trust basket lucky bamboo planters

Two layered lucky bamboo plant is perhaps the most popular indoor plant in the world.  We offer a high quality range of decorative bamboo plants, this is provided in different colour planters. Our lucky planters for lucky plants are available in metal and plastic in different colours. Our lace finished bamboo is the best decorative bamboo plants for indoor gardening. Our lucky bamboo with colourfull planters not only helps in your home décor but also bring good luck and prosperity for all as it is green. As per the Chinese tradition, you can use our planters as feng shui element. To use lucky bamboo for feng shui, it must represent all five elements of feng shui. That is water, earth, fire, wood and metal.

Water: it is very much important to fill the lucky bamboo container with water every time to sustain its life

Earth: use pebbles as the substitutes for earth to grow your lucky bamboo tree  

Fire: red colour ribbon tied to our plant which symbolizes the fire

Metal: Our planters are made up of galvanized metal so they represent the metal

Wood:  The bamboo stalk itself represents the wood

Below are some tips to care a lucky plant

Place the plant in the place where it can get bright indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves.  So make sure that the lucky plant receives adequate light.  Lack of light can make the plant weak and it may cause to death.

While watering maintain the water level at least a couple of inches, Be sure the roots are completely in the water, every couple of weeks change the water completely, refill the container with the clean water.  Lucky bamboo is sensitive to the salts and chemical water.  So use distilled water or normal water.  Low humidity can cause leaf tips to turn brown. Mist the leaves of the lucky bamboo every couple of days if lack of humidity is the problem. If the growth is slow you can also add fertilize for the plant, you can use a little dirty aquarium water or diluted water – soluble houseplant fertilizer, better to fertilize your lucky bamboo every couple of months For more assistance you can contact our experts on our customer support number.

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