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Cone Tower Terrarium

₹ 1,129 ₹ 843 (25% off)

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Blossom Flower Planter

₹ 634 ₹ 399 (37% off)

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Elantra Planter

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Milkwort Planter

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Blue Bell Flower Planter

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Crocus Flower Planter

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Jude Planter

₹ 636 ₹ 349 (45% off)

Ziva Planter

₹ 699 ₹ 440 (37% off)

Set Of 2 - Half Lace finish Pink and Teal

₹ 885 ₹ 670 (24% off)

Set Of 2 - Half Lace finish Yellow and Teal

₹ 885 ₹ 670 (24% off)

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About Table Top Planters

The word nature gives us a relaxed feeling irrespective of any sort of tensions. A whole lot of greenery comes into our mind when we think about nature. This greenery symbolizes peacefulness.

In the ancient times, people lived in the forest where they use to nurture different kind of plants around their place. They were worshiping nature as god. They were spending their time in growing different kind of plants. Living in an atmosphere which has greenery gives pleasure to the body as well as to the soul.

In today’s congested world we rarely find space to grow plants. Some people grow plants in big flower pots made out of ceramic and terracotta. This may not be a bad idea to grow plants in such kind of planters when it comes to decoration of your household. This may beautify your house outside but cannot be implemented inside. We cannot use such big flower pots inside the house. They are heavy and cannot be transported from one place to another easily.

How wonderful it would be if we have greenery everywhere around us. In order to have greenery anywhere and everywhere, TrustBasket has introduced this astonishing range of small table top planters. These are made out of top quality plastic and galvanized metal which lasts for many years.

Just imagine having such cute and small flower pots on your work table or study table. These small flower pots keep you refreshed and will bring you out from all external pressures.

These decorative pots create an ambiance around you and keep you enthusiastic. Everyone likes to present their place gracefully. So they opt for these decorative pots. These planters enhance the beauty of the place on one hand and on the other hand, give a dignified appearance to the guests.

Key features of Trust basket Planters
  • Made of Galvanized Metal
  • Comes in 5 attractive colors
  • Rust resistant technology
  • Powder coated paint which lasts for very long
  • Both indoor and outdoor planters

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