How to Setup Hanging Flower Pots?

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How to Setup Hanging Flower Pots?

Many people have a passion for gardening. But they are unable to follow it due to lack of space in the dense urban areas. Hanging plant pots can be the best alternative for such people. You can set up the hanging baskets in the interior or the balcony. It adds a touch of greenery to your home and makes it look fresh. 

Hanging baskets are easy to set up and do not require a lot of maintenance. Here we have discussed the different types of hanging baskets and how to prepare them before placing a plant and hanging them in your home. 

Types of Hanging Baskets 

Hanging baskets are available in a wide range of options that primarily include:

  • Solid Plastic Basket: These baskets come in bright, colourful variants and are highly durable. Some of them have water reservoirs from which the plants can draw water automatically.
  • Woven Wicker Basket: These baskets provide an earthy look when you set them up with the plants. They give your garden a rustic feel.
  • Wire Frame Basket: These baskets add a modern touch to your hanging garden. With their strong and long-lasting nature, they are an ideal combination of looks and functionality. 

Apart from the above options, you can explore creative ideas and make your basket with the use of items like watering cans or colanders. You can set them up for growing small attractive flowers. However, it becomes important to choose a basket of the right material and size as per the requirements of your plants. 

You can grow different types of plants in such baskets. If you are particular of the plant you want to grow, make sure that you select the basket according to it. 

Steps to Prepare a Hanging Basket

1. Fitting the Liner

The liner that you choose for the hanging basket plays a vital role in the growth of the plant in it. It determines the amount of water that will retain in the soil and time for which it will retain. You can explore the following types of liners:

  • Cocoa Liners: They come in the form of moulded structures for baskets of different sizes. They are neat and easy to deal with as they do not create any mess.
  • Sphagnum Moss: This type of liners keeps the insects and bugs away from your plant. It has exceptional capabilities of retaining water due to its thick texture. However, sometimes, it can be challenging to work with, as it is very delicate.
  • Supamoss: It is one of the most widely used liners in the hanging baskets. It enables proper drainage of water from the soil. It also offers great water retention with its thick coating of plastic.

 2. Putting the Soil

After fitting the liner, the next step involves putting the soil or potting mix inside the basket. Ideally, the soil layer must be 4 to 5 inches from the basket base. You can make it a strong foundation through padding.

 3. Planting

In the final step, all you need to do is to place the plants or plant bulbs below the soil. You can make a few small cuts in the liner as per the requirements. 

By selecting the right type of hanging basket and following the above steps, you can set up beautiful hanging flower pots at your home.


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