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Vertical Gardening Pouches - Extra Large (Set of 10) - Black

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About Plastic Garden pots

Planting in a container is a great way to create beautiful displays using many kinds of garden plants. Plastic pots can be used for both Indoor and outdoor gardening. Plastic pots are lighter than clay and don’t dry out as much as clay or terracotta. So these pots are easy and flexible to carry. For outdoor gardening select a planter which can withstand direct sunlight and can be kept all over the day. Select a planter which has a drainage hole so your plant won’t suffocate from too much moisture. Plastic garden pots around your patio or balcony instantly add a casual finishing touch and brilliant colours. You can use them as architectural or sculptural accessories as well. If plants in dark colored plastic containers wilt quickly, check to make sure the plants are well watered then move them to a shadier location where heat build-up should not be a problem. Sunlight can be hard on plastic causing fading and brittleness. Many plastic pots intended for outdoor use are treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors to reduce fading and maintain flexibility thus increasing the lifespan of the pot.
For the plastic planter, make sure the pot you select has drainage holes in the bottom to prevent over-watering.

Trust Basket Plastic Garden Pots.

Trust basket has a variety of plastic garden pots which can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Our Plastic pots are UV (ultra violet) treated so they won’t be damaged by sunlight. Trust basket plastic pots are in different sizes which are well suitable to grow flowers and vegetables. Drainage hole at the bottom of the container will avoid plants rotting from too much moisture. To avoid water flow out saucers are given with the planters. Trust basket pots are light weighted, strong and flexible

here is some suggestion which helps you to choose, plant and care for garden pots.

  1. select a planter size according to the plant's size Most importantly, you'll need to think about the depth of the container you'll be growing in.
  2. place the planters in the place where you can get 6 hours of sunlight. Most vegetables require six hours of sunlight per day. Salad greens and herbs can usually get by with less. Tomatoes, peppers, beans and other sun-lovers will appreciate as much sun as they can get. 
  3. wind is another factor to consider. Your plants will be happiest in a protected location where the wind doesn't batter and dry out their foliage. 
  4. Do not fill your containers with soil from your garden or bagged topsoil. You should fill the containers with a "soilless" blend that will retain moisture and resist compaction, such as potting Mix
  5. water the plants once in 2 days if you have used coco peat as a growing medium or you can water the plant depending upon the moisture content of the soil.
  6. we recommend mixing a granular organic vermic compost into the soil when planting, then weekly feeding with a water-soluble fertilizer, such as plant food.
  7. When combining several different types of plants in one pot, it's best to match plants that have a similar need for water and fertilizer. for example tomato, basil, onions

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