Plants around us create a pleasant environment and gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Nurturing your favorite plants at the end of a long day of stress at work gives you relaxation and puts your mind at ease. In most places in the urban setting where there’s no ground for plantation, potted plants can be used to express your creative ideas to decorate your place around. Plant pots come with a wide range of variety which needs less space. Potted gardening is eye warming as they give a detailed view of plants or flowers as they stay compact clean and green. Planters give you an option of outdoor as well as indoor gardening.

Choosing the right planter type

Place, space, and taste differs with the type of pots for plants to your garden/balcony. Plants come up with uniqueness and it's up to you to choose a right pot, once the plant is decided which goes in it.

Set an eye pleasing combo of size, color and texture which goes with the plant. As planter take up outdoor as well as indoor gardening so you need to scale up the container where it exactly fits into your preferred corner with the plant or flower, never mind if it’s a larger one but should fit in well.

Say, with a wider balcony with grilles around, you can try out some railing planters where a mix of flowering gives outstanding view.

There are some plants which grow big quickly and can’t grow on small pots. They are planted in as a sapling. Or you might wish to keep your plants small in size and don’t let them grow quickly. In such cases matching the right planter with the type of plant is important.

Keeping it stylish

It is important to pick right potted plants which suits around the corner. Shaped once take up right look for a modern setting, it can be of plastic/metal and make sure you choose a perfect colored pot. On the other hand terracotta gives a formal look. When it comes to your balcony/grills try out some Metal-wall hanging for dripping plants. While placing the plant pots and giving it a right match of flowering plant, the shape you choose as a container must give a detailed view of the plants and your surroundings.

Flowering up the garden/balcony can be indoor or outdoor with potted planters. It is all your way but when it comes to vegetable gardening you need to be quite specific about the container, place and space.


Trust basket has a variety of planters and pots that are well suited for any kind of setting, whether you’re decorating your apartment’s balcony, growing indoor plants or decorating your office space.

Planters can be used for indoor as well as outdoor decorations. Here are few pots for plants which we offer. For indoor table top planters check our Lucky bamboos with a container else Metal-Floor or table top planter where you can use any flowering/ green plants. Terracotta’s, eco-friendly handmade products also fits into any corner of your surrounding/place. For grills around and balcony space check our Balcony railing planters which comes with a verity of shapes and colors. They are not only plant space but also beautify your place around welcoming visitors. Light weighted Metal-hangings and Metal-Wall hangings suits best for climbers as well as flowering plants giving a present look. Pots and planters suit every style preference and the pots are made of superior quality materials and are highly durable

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