10 Best Watering Cans of 2022 For Indoor & Outdoor Gardening

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10 Best Watering Cans of 2022 For Indoor & Outdoor Gardening

It was Lord Timothy George of Cornwall, who first thought about manual watering of plants and trees in 1692, and invented what we know today as the “watering can”.

Another man, John Haws in 1886, later patented the watering can we’re familiar with today.

A watering can is a portable container with a handle and a funnel that makes the job of providing water to plants easier.

Overwatering or under watering kills plants, but with watering cans, the amount is measured and controlled.

Watering a plant or tree is essential for the production of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

There are many advantages to using a watering can for gardening.

In this article, we will cover -

  • Types of watering can
  • How to choose the perfect watering can for indoor & outdoor gardening?
  • Advantages of watering cans for indoor & outdoor gardening
  • How to use a watering can for indoor & outdoor gardening?
  • 10 best watering cans of 2022 for indoor & outdoor gardening

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

Types of watering can

There are numerous watering cans on the market, each with a unique appearance and feel, as well as being made of various materials. So, the experience would also be different. Here are some basic types of watering cans based on materials.

Plastic watering cans: They are the most widely available type of watering can. Because of their light weight, anyone from a child to an elderly person can easily pick it up. Plastic watering cans can be easily loaded, unloaded, or carried. They are available in a large variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Because there are no seams or joints, plastic cans are more resilient and less likely to leak. Additionally, plastic cans are less expensive, making them accessible to people of all financial levels.

Metal watering cans: Compared to a plastic watering can, this type is a little bit heavier. However, metal or steel watering cans are incomparably more durable. You could drop it while carrying water, or it could fall from where you keep it, and the chances of it wearing out are negligible. Plus, the weight makes it difficult for your pets to knock it off. Another amazing fact about this watering can is that it is resistant to corrosion.

Ceramic watering cans: Ceramic watering cans are available for individuals who want to give their gardens a really opulent and refined touch. Ceramic watering cans would complement your home and garden's decor. These watering cans made of clay were painstakingly created for serious art lovers. The variety of designs that artisans create will astound you. You wouldn't want to jeopardise the lifespan of these gorgeous watering cans, would you? Therefore, only purchase it if you have an indoor garden. Ceramics are more likely than the other two to shatter right away if they are unintentionally knocked off.

How to choose the perfect watering can for indoor & outdoor gardening?

When choosing a watering can, you must keep certain aspects in mind, such as durability, design, etc. So, here is a proper guide on how to choose the ideal watering can for your indoor and outdoor gardening purposes.


There are metal, plastic, and ceramic watering cans available in the shops, and depending on your use, you can choose one of those. Plastic cans would be cheaper compared to metal or ceramic ones, but metal cans would be more durable. If you need to transport a large amount of water for your outdoor garden, you can use plastic cans because they are lightweight.

Water holding capacity

The water container, or the main middle part of the can, is the body of the watering can. This is where the water is held until it is poured. Now, while picking a watering can, you must check if you can carry the weight of a filled watering can comfortably using one hand or not. If you have only an indoor garden, choose a lighter one. The water-holding capacity of most modern watering cans is around 2 liters. You will find smaller and bigger cans. Your choice of watering can would depend on the size of your garden and your or your gardener’s ability to pick it up.


For the finest watering control, a watering can with one or two handles that allow carrying and tilting is excellent. For a more comfortable grip, choose circular-shaped hardwood handles. In comparison to a watering can with a thin handle, one with a flat, wide handle would be more pleasant. You can also opt for a watering can with a free-swinging, rotating grip rather than a fixed-grip one, as that will reduce pain while the can becomes heavier with water.


The spout on a watering can is used to regulate the distance and flow of water from the can. It keeps water from being wasted. Depending on how you plan to use the watering can or how many plants you wish to water, you can choose a short, long, narrow, or deep spout.


You will find two types of mouths for watering cans. One is a narrow one, and the other is a wider one. The wider mouth makes it simple to fill with water, and the narrow mouth prevents water spills. Decide what will work best for your circumstance.

Advantages of watering cans for indoor & outdoor gardening

A watering can may seem like a simple tool, but it actually makes the process much simpler, especially if you have a lot of indoor or outdoor plants that need attention. Read below about the various advantages of using a watering can for indoor and outdoor gardening: -

No wastage of water

The main benefit of utilizing a watering can is that very little water is wasted. It permits watering without being concerned about water loss due to evaporation. With the help of a watering can, not only the leaves but also the soil is nourished. By using a watering can, you can keep the soil's moisture level at the right level and promote airflow.

Even distribution of water

A watering can is used to water plants for even distribution. While using a hose, most of the water will just run off because there is nowhere else for it to go. But with a watering can, you can reach closer to your plants and that assures more efficiency in watering.

Easy to use

The best thing about watering cans is that they are easy to use and require no special training or skills. So, anyone from 6 to 66 can use it. Simply fill the can with water, and then water your plants after that.

Great for delicate plants

Watering cans allow a gentle stream of water that falls smoothly on the plants compared to the heavy and powerful flow of water from hoses or sprinklers. Therefore, there would be no damage to the small and delicate plants.

Affordable & easily available

Standard or basic watering cans are easily affordable for people of all financial backgrounds. Plus, they are readily available too in the market, be it online or offline.

Controlled water flow

With the use of watering cans, you can regulate the flow of water so that you may water only some plants or portions of your garden without soaking others.

10 best watering cans of 2022 for indoor & outdoor gardening

Klassic KL-100 Watering Can in Plastic Green for Garden

You can use this watering can suitably for both indoor and outdoor gardening purposes. To indicate the level of water, the watering can has marks for the water level. It has a rose that can be removed and is constructed of premium plastic. The Klassic watering can is easy to use, portable, and durable. For your convenience, it has two handles: one on top and one at the back.

Ecofynd Metal Watering can for Plants

It is made from high quality galvanized iron sheet, treated with zinc and finished with powder coating. For anyone looking for a watering can that is incredibly sturdy, resilient, and leak-proof, this material is ideal. It is also weather-resistive and thus longevity is assured. Another highlight of this watering can is that it has a narrow spout so that you can regulate the amount of water.

Easy Gardening Plastic Watering Can with 5 Liters Capacity

This is a green friend to your green friends (plants). The green colored watering can in 5 liters capacity would be a perfect match for your home, kitchen, or outdoor garden areas. It comes with a cap to avoid spilling of water and aims at an even distribution of water. Made with highly-durable plastic, this is a sturdy watering can that you can use for a long time.

Wearza Waterning Can with Brass Sprayer

A durable, gorgeous, and easy-to-use "Wearza Watering Can" would be a cool addition to your garden. It is green in color and is made from heavy plastic. For a better grip and more comfortable use, it comes with a specially designed plastic handle.

SPARTAN Plastic Watering Can KG002 with 1.8 LTR Capacity

For efficient watering of plants, all you need is a watering can that is comfortable to hold, has a secure grip, and easy to carry or use. This Spartan watering can has all these characteristics. There is also an attached nozzle for a ventilated spout. It is made of high-grade plastic, is easy to use, handles all plant watering issues, and is easily affordable by everyone.

MyOwnGarden Plastic Watering Can with Sprayer 1 Litre

This is a 1 liter capacity watering can-cum-water sprinkler/sprayer. It will be great for seed germination and indoor, kitchen, balcony, and terrace gardens. This watering can is strong and made of premium plastic. It ensures that water is applied to plants evenly, preventing overwatering.

Live with alive Plastic Can

This one comes with a waterholding capacity of 5liters. It is highly durable, lightweight, and made with a premium grade plastic material. Anyone can carry it and it is also very easy to clean. It is the perfect watering can for your indoor or outdoor garden.

Actionware Plastic Unbreakable Can with 5L Capacity for Plants

Actionware, one of the best plastic watering cans in India, claims to be an unbreakable watering can. High-grade plastic has been used for manufacturing, which guarantees its durability. This is an easy-to-use product that would take care of the seedlings, young plants, and budding trees in your garden. This watering can has the capacity to hold 5 liters of water. The best feature of this can is that it only releases water under low pressure, protecting plants from harm.

Kisan Kraft Plastic Watering Can KK-MSP-6800

Kisan Kraft plastic watering cans have the characteristics of being beautifully colored, lightweight, and having two handles. The watering can comes with markings so that you can easily read the water levels and nourish your plants accordingly. As it is made of plastic, it is easily portable, and there are two handles, which make carrying easier. They are also simple to clean, which is another reason why gardeners favor them so much.

Bukhari Metal Watering Can with Long Spout

If you want a watering can that has old-world charm but is also modern, this is the one to get. This is a cool blue colored watering can made from iron steel. The simple handle designs allow for control of the water flow. The spout is long for better function and decorative purposes. This is a perfect fit for your indoor and outdoor gardens and will keep the plants healthy.


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