How to Grow Your Own Christmas Tree at Home

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How to Grow Your Own Christmas Tree at Home


Here are few tips to grow and decorate your Christmas tree at home.

1. A typical Christmas tree will need a space of about 5'x5' to grow. Choose a decent pot of 20 inch deep container.

2. Select a plant for Christmas Tree. Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine and Blue Spruce varieties are most commonly used for Christmas trees.

3. Dig a hole big enough for your seedling and ensure the seedling stands up straight. Firmly pack the soil around the base.

4. Ensure no vegetation grows around your tree. Wait till it grows up to 3-5 feet.

5. You can begin shearing your tree annually to ensure it grows in a traditional cone shape.

6. Decorate the tree with stars and lights.

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    what is the right time to grow Christmas tree?

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