Easy ways to maintain the soil temperature during summer

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Easy ways to maintain the soil temperature during summer

Maintaining the plants during the hot summer is a big headache for garden enthusiasts. The water poured for the plants get evaporated due to the hot weather. The plants absorb nutrients present in the soil through the water. So the plants start to weaken as they won't get sufficient water. In order to avoid such scenarios, we need to maintain the moisture content of the soil. Here are some of the easiest ways to maintain the soil during summer.

1. Watering the plants adequately

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Watering the plants adequately is one of the easiest methods to maintain the soil temperature during hot summer. Mere watering won't help. Overwatering won't help your plants in any way. You need to water for the plant growth in a proper way. Here are some tips to water your plants.

Tip: 1 - Water at a right time

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Water the plants either in the early morning or in the late evening. If you water the plants in the afternoon during hot summer, the water evaporates and the soil won't get the required amount of water. This will weaken the plant and the plant will perish. 

Tip: 2 - Use Drip Irrigation

Use Drip irrigation technique to water the plants. This technique not only reduces human effort but also saves water. As the water flows slowly and continuously, the soil gets the interaction with water and stays wet for a longer time. Drip irrigation helps the plants to absorb the water and helps in plant growth


Tip: 3 - Use Watering can with Nozzle

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Use the watering can with a perforated nozzle to control overwatering. The water will be equally distributed to every plant. If you are watering the plants using the pipe, there are chances of water pressure uprooting the plants.

Tip: 4 - Reuse the plastic bottles 

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Instead of throwing the used plastic bottles, you can use it for watering the plants. Take the bottles and make a bunch of holes in it. Bury the bottles beside the plants such that the neck of the bottle is above the soil. Fill the bottles with water once in a day. The water inside the bottle reaches the soil slowly and keeps the soil moist. As you have buried the bottle in the soil, the water won't get evaporated and will easily serve the need and improve the plant growth.


2. Using Shade Nets

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Plants require sunlight to grow well. But some plants cannot withstand the excess of sunlight. They need a little shade to grow. Excess of sunlight may burn them and the plants may perish. So, protecting the plants from high sunlight is very much essential. You can use the shade nets to protect your plants from high sunlight. The shade nets are capable of avoiding direct sunlight. So they protect the plants during hot summer. They also help in maintaining the moisture level around the plants. You can easily purchase these shade nets from the nearest gardening stores or through online gardening websites.


3. Mulching

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Mulching is one of the useful technique to maintain the soil temperature. The technique of covering the top layer of soil in order to protect from evaporation is called Mulching. Generally, leaves, pebbles, wood barks, grass etc., will be used as Temporary mulch. They do not allow the water to evaporate during hot summers. They act as a protective layer. They also reduce the water consumption by 70% and keeps the soil moist. You can also use compost as a mulch. Doing so you are not only protecting the soil from high sunlight but also providing the plants with essential nutrients.

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Plastic sheets and rubber sheets are used as Permanent mulches in extremely hot places. But it cannot be used in all the places. In winter, the plants need a minimum amount of sunlight to grow. If you install these permanent mulch, they won't allow the sunlight and hence the plant growth will be suppressed and plant cannot grow healthy. So I suggest using temporary mulch.

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