How to protect the Plants from Aphids

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How to protect the Plants from Aphids

Aphids are a variety of tiny insects which destroy the plants. They suck the sap of the plants and weakens the plants and in turn destroy the plant. They also act as vectors for plant viruses which weakens the plants. They secrete sticky honeydew deposits and supports the growth of sooty moulds on the leaves. They mostly feed on the back of the leaves. Most common variety of Aphids are green flies, black flies and white woolly aphids. Apart from them, brown flies and pink flies are also seen sometimes. They have a bean-shaped body with two antennas on their head. They are mostly found in large numbers but found singly or in small numbers sometimes.

Plants Affected:

Apple, Pear, Grape, Bean, Capsicum, Chilli, Eggplant, Pea, Cucumber, Tomato, Cabbage, Lettuce, Potato, Gram, Pigeon Pea, Chickpea, Cotton, Wheat, Onion, Millet, Sorghum, Maize, Banana, Peanut, Papaya etc.,

Cause of the disease:

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The only cause for this plant disease is aphids depending on the plants for food. They feed on the plants sap in order to maintain metabolism. As they suck the sap which serves as the main source of food for plants, the plants become weaker and perish.

Disease symptoms:


1. Formation of colonies

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We can see colonies of these aphids on the leaves and stems of the plants.


2. Wilting of leaves

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The leaves start wilting and distorting as they don't get sufficient nutrients.

3. Honeydew formation

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Honeydews and sooty black fungus are formed on the leaves and the stems of the plants.

These are the general symptoms to know whether your plants are affected by aphids or not. The other symptoms depend on the type of plant viruses that affect the plants. So they do not have specific symptoms.

Preventive measures:

As they are physically occurring through the insects, there is no way to prevent except keeping the surroundings of the plant neat and tidy.

Way to cure the disease:

1. Biological method:

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Ladybugs are considered to be gardener's friend. They won't harm the crop. They eat aphids to survive. So, you can grow plants like Dill, Caraway, Carrot, Carrot, Yarrow etc., which attracts Ladybugs.

2. Physical Removal:

For minor aphids, It is better to remove the insects from your plants by Wearing a pair of gardening gloves and brush or pinch the pests from stems and leaves. If the infection is contained in one or two stalks or branches, prune off the affected portion(s) and drop them into a bucket of soapy water to kill the aphids.

3. Water Pressure:

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Spraying water by using gardening hose would remove and get rid of aphids and avoids further growth of baby aphids.

4. Soap and Water:

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By using household mild dish soap mixing it with warm luke water and spraying on the affected leaves effectively.It is important to spray even at the backsides of the leaves where small populations of baby aphids are grown.

5. Neem Oil:

Same way as dish soap, pure Neem oil should be diluted in water and sprayed into plants infested with aphids. We can prevent the Aphids feeding on the plants by using neem oil spray. As neem oil is an organic pesticide, it prevents the aphids to grow on the plant. Mix about 50ml of neem oil with 1 liter of water and spray the mixture to the plants.

6. Essential Oil:

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Mixing up equal quantities of thyme, peppermint, clove, rosemary oils (each 4-5)spoons and spraying upon on the plants would also act as a helpful repellent.


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  • Posted on by Santoshvyas61

    If we dont care our garden this problem is very common,You have mentioned each and every way to get rid of this.I was having this problem.I got rid of by spraying your suggested soap water spray.Thanks a lot,This artical is very useful.

  • Posted on by B.H.Gadgil

    Use of small spoon or pinch of raw salt (khade mith ) before watering helps to reduce attack of aphids . Needs every week once for 3-4 times

  • Posted on by Gwyneth

    I think the best way is to kill the aphids after pruning off the effected parts, or by squeezing them wherever they have accumulated on, but, ofcourse with gloves on. Getting rid of them any other way especially chemicals no matter how mild may harm the plants in so many ways.

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