How to grow spinach Plant from seeds

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How to grow spinach Plant from seeds| Complete information on Spinach

All about growing Spinach in your garden

Make your garden beautiful by growing palak/spinach plants. Spinach plant is a rich source of vitamin B, C, E and healthiest source of nutrients and minerals. Usage of spinach to prepare your various dishes like curries, sandwiches, salads, juice etc.

Thinking of planting spinach seeds???

Just follow these simple 4 steps to grow spinach.

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Step 1: Choose the best season to plant

Spinach seeds are best to grow in normal temperature of about 17-18 degree Celsius. It resists to high temperature also. If the temperature is high then keep the planters indoor or make them get shade. They will not germinate quickly in cold weather also. It must require a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily.

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Tips to plant spinach seeds

  • You can plant either in pots or in your garden
  • You can also use the seedling tray to plant and can transplant.
  • Choose the best area with the good amount of sunlight.
  • Make sure to plant in a good organic soil which drains well.

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    Step 2: Process of planting spinach seeds

    Sow seeds ½ inches (1cm) deep into the soil and 2 inches (5cm) apart. If you are planting in rows, make sure the rows are spaced at least 8 inches apart. Doing so allows the seeds to mature without having to compete for space. Also be sure that the seeds are not exposed to the air and are completely covered by soil.

    If you are sowing seeds in a seedling tray, then transplant the seedlings to the prepared soil. Spinach seeds have fine, fibrous roots so try to avoid disturbing them too much while transplanting.

    When you are transplanting seedlings, place the spinach plants about 12 to 18 inches (30.5 to 45.7 cm) apart. This allows the seedlings to grow and expand their roots without competing with each other for space.

    Make sure to buy fresh seeds for planting each year, as they do not stay viable for long.

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    Spinach is a high water consumer plant, it requires more water. Spray water frequently but do not over water it. You can maintain watering as below.

    • Summer: Water once in a day.
    • Winter: Water once in two to three days.
    • Rainy: If rainwater is flowing to the plant, no need to water it. In case not, water once in three days.


      Soil makes a basic and important role in growing plants. It helps plants by providing nutrients as organic food. If your soil is not good enough with organic food, plants might be attacked by pests and diseases or it may dry off.  So it is necessary to add fertilizers to make your plants good and healthy. You can use potting mix or compost as fertilizers.

      Step 3: Germination of palak seeds

      Palak seeds will germinate in about 1 to 2 weeks. At the time of germination, you should take care of it by watering them, making them get enough sunlight. Add fertilizers in case of any diseases.

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      Care to be taken for germinated palak/spinach plants

      • Thinning your plants: If your seedling is thick, then you need to thin them lightly to prevent the plants from competing for space. This makes them get a good amount of moisture, nutrients, light etc for proper growth without competing for other.
      • Keep your planting area moist: You need to keep the soil moist by spraying water but not overly drenched. Depending on the climate u should water your palak crop as mentioned above.
      • Cover the plants with a shade in case of high temperature (above 26°C): As mentioned above, palak crop does not do well in high temperature. In case of summer season or high temperature, you need to keep the plants indoors or make them get a shade.

      • Fertilize your plants only when necessary: If your plants are growing slowly, you need to add more fertilizer as mentioned above.
      • Pests and diseases: There are some possibilities to get pests and diseases while growing. If you are facing this problem, spray Neem oil on your plants. Add 20 to 50 ml of Neem oil to a liter of water and spray on the spinach plants. If the infection is severe repeat the spray once or twice at a week interval.

        Step 4: Harvest your spinach Plants

        It takes about 6 to 8 weeks from planting to harvest. Once the leaves reach 3 to 4 inches in length and 2 to 3 inches wide, you can harvest your spinach leaves from the base of the plant.

        Make sure to harvest leaves before they start to flower (bolting). Once they start to flower the leaves become bitter.

        Harvest spinach carefully by removing the outer leaves. Either pinch at the base of the petiole with your fingers or use Pruning Secateurs to cut the base of the petiole.

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          Advantages of Palak/Spinach

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