Tips on How to Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

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Tips on How to Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

Adding some greenery to your home works wonders. You may be planning to buy indoor decorative plant pots or thinking whether which indoor plants will best complement your space.

Did you know that adding green plants help purify the air in your home? Not only that, but it also has a positive impact on your mental health.

Do you love to surround yourself with indoor plants? There are a few reasons to consider before bringing those indoor plant pots to fill that corner of your room. In this blog, let us dig deep about decorating ideas to transform your home.

Blooming colourful plants to boost your mood

Having colourful modern indoor planters not only elevates your mood but also helps reduce stress.

There are flowering plants to brighten up your home. Though Orchids take time to bloom, they are certain to uplift your mood.

They have bright and engaging colours, making a statement.

Anthurium flowering plant has red heart-shaped flowers and features arrow-shaped green leaves. The red flowers will certainly  spruce up your home.

The Desert Rose is a flowering plant but a seasonal one. Azaleas, a flowering plant with frilled blooms, will brighten up your home instantly.

Find a perfect location in your house for these blooming plants to grow fast. Group plants in one corner of your living room.

indoor plants

Make use of your spacious windows

Choosing windows is the best spot for indoor plants to grow as these plants are exposed to light. The plants like Areca Palm make a stunning addition where you can place them near a window.

This plant can go up to seven feet in height.

Money plant is easy to grow in low light near the window. It removes airborne toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. This plant can brighten up any décor style.

Indoor plants can help in brightening mood of home

Arrange plants by size and textures

Arranging indoor plants is an art that needs to be learnt. Plants come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Foliage plants like Croton are a great addition to your living room. Add plants of different heights to your home as they bring variety. Layer your space with the help of multiple pot stands or planter stands from TrustBasket. You can also display indoor plants on the shelves.

Arrange plants by size and textures

Mix and match indoor planters

There are easy to grow indoor plants that need low maintenance. And they are: 

Mix and match indoor planters

Snake Plant

It is an ornamental plant that adds a dash of elegance to your home. This plant requires minimal care.

Snake Plant

Bamboo Plant 

This plant signifies luck and fortune. It requires a minimal level of care.

Bamboo Plant

Aloe Vera 

It is a “Miracle Plant” owing to its medicinal properties to heal the human body. This plant is a succulent plant, featuring thick and fleshy leaves.

Aloe Vera

Peace Lily 

The lush dark green leaves with fragrant flowers cleanse the air at your home.

Peace Lily


It has a green canopy of leaves that are visually appealing. These plants remove pollutants from the atmosphere.


Grape Ivy 

A sturdy plant that has different varieties adds a touch of green. It grows well in low lights.

Grape Ivy

The mix of this greenery and florals add beauty to your room. So, pick different kinds of planters and mix them in your home. This design strategy will look best visually.  

Plants for rooms with high ceilings

Ferns and succulents can be hanged from high ceilings. These plants are sure to lend a dramatic touch to any space. Try different hanging plants to create a cascading effect and accent your home décor.

Hanging Plants

Here are some ways to decorate with indoor plants in your home.

  1. If your living room has space constraints, TrustBasket has a multipurpose stand for both indoor and outdoor use. Display your indoor plants on the shelves.
Plant Stands
  1. You can get creative by hanging succulents and blooming plants. Choose plants like Anthurium, Orchids, Hibiscus and Peace Lily. Make use of our colourful decorative metal flower planter pots to enhance your room. Hanging plants are perfect for high ceilings.
Hanging plants are perfect for high ceilings
  1. Keep your indoor plants in this appealing planter stand to create an elegant look in your room. Make your unused corner in your home with beautiful indoor plants.


planter stand
  1. You can use this planter in a bedroom or a bathroom for an elegant display. The plants not only create a great ambience but also purify the environment.
Golden Colour Planter Stand

Each plant is unique and it requires hydration, temperature and humidity to grow.

Here are some of the tips to take care of indoor plants.

  • Water plants regularly
  • Check the soil moisture
  • Keep your plants in a well-lit room
  • Prune your indoor plants regularly
  • Use humidifier to keep your plants alive
  • Add fertilizers to the pot to make your plant grow healthy


The indoor plants not only add aesthetics to your home but also clean the air we breathe.

These plants also have functional benefits. They create a positive mood and purify the air. You will feel connected to nature always whenever your eyes look at these plants.

Whether you need hanging planters, indoor decorative plant pots or simple pots, TrustBasket has it all! Organize indoor plants to suit your style and space with these decorating ideas.


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