TOP FIVE Small Garden Ideas to start now

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TOP FIVE Small Garden Ideas to start now

This is my first attempt to list down few of my small garden ideas to grow plants in my balcony. I've been seeing some people spending a lot of money but still fail to achieve success in getting a healthy plant in the pot. As a beginner, I’m learning a lot of things that will make next year’s garden easier, and hopefully a little healthier, too.

Here is what i found from my recent research and practice. So i have listed down few small garden ideas to help you better in gardening.

1) Packing the pot with foam peanut or white stones

If you have a large pot and worried about filling the whole pot with soil. Here is a small garden idea to fill the pot and also to improve drainage system in the pot. Anyhow the plant's root can reach the bottom of the pot and hence we would not want to waste the soil at the bottom. Just be sure to add a layer of landscape fabric over the top of them so that the soil doesn’t slowly sink to the bottom


2) Using diapers to retain moisture

This would sound funny but surely it's worth trying. Diapers aren’t just for doo! Place one in the bottom of a potted plant to help it retain moisture for longer. This kind of small garden ideas would be great for those summer annuals that require daily watering.

3. Using cooking vegetable water to provide nutrients to your plants

This is really great!! Save your vegetable cooking water! The water has a lot of nutrients that your small garden thrives on. Wait for the water to cool down first, and then use it to “fertilize” your garden plants or potted ones.


4) Use citrus fruits peels as your first pot for seeds

Start your seedlings in a citrus peel, and not just because it’s really cute; It will compost in the soil and nourish the plants, so you can just go ahead and plant the whole thing once it’s ready in the pot after few days..Allways make sure to use organic or natural things to fertilize your plants. Just like the below picture you can make use of lemons also. These are few small garden ideas where we can'nt imagine how we can make use of it!! When we get such ideas it is important to make a note.

5) Pinch the cute cheeks of your herbs

If you're having some herbs such as TULSI in your garden, keep pinching the leaves regularly. Herbs have a natural instinct to stay alive and multiply, so when they are pinched, they send a signal to the dormant leaf buds to grow. It’s strange how this works, but it’s true for most plants.



Alright, this is it for this article, please do comment if you know more tips. I would love to list them here !!

Thanks for reading folks.

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  • Posted on by Usha RAni

    Excellent tips .. Love them ..

  • Posted on by ANITA JAIN

    tips r very good

  • Posted on by madu arora

    Thanks for the lovely ideas. Yourvfirst post is vdefinately worth reading!

  • Posted on by Rama Kumaresan

    I use coconut fiber that we use at home to layer the bottom of a container or even bag. I collect the coconut fiber and use when potting a plant.

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