Unique way to grow plants using Bulbs

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Unique way to grow plants using Bulbs

Plants are those little ones which have the capacity to refresh your mood within no time. Spending some time with your lovely plants can make you stress free irrespective of any tensions. Generally, people grow plants in two ways. They either get some plants from the local nursery and grow them in their place or get the plant seeds from the nearest gardening stores or nurseries and start their gardening journey. Maintaining a plant bought from a nursery is not a big deal when compared to growing plants from seeds. Did you know there is another way to grow plants?

Yes, you guessed it right. It is from Bulbs. Growing plant from the bulb is also one way to have a beautiful garden. You might be wondering what is a bulb?


What is a Bulb?

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A bulb is a specialized part of a plant which is structurally a short stem with fleshy leaves or leaf bases that function as food storage organs during dormancy. A bulb's leaf bases, also known as scales, contain food reserves to enable the plant to survive adverse weather conditions. You find an unexpanded flowering shoot at the center of the bulb which is a vegetative growing point. The base is formed by a reduced stem, and plant growth occurs from this basal plate. The roots develop from the underside of the base, and new stems and leaves from the upper side. Plants which contains underground bulbs are called bulbous plants. Most of the beautiful flowers can be grown from bulbs.

How to use the bulbs?

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In the similar way you use the seeds, sow the bulbs in the soil and water it. Provide essential nutrients by adding fertilizers and compost. Sow the bulbs in 4 inches to 8 inches deep according to the size of the bulb. Growing them in the soil with good drainage system is very important. If the soil does not have a good drainage system, there are chances of bulbs getting rotten which leads to the Root rot disease.


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It is not a bad idea to grow the bulbs in the pots. But you need to sow the bulb such that the tip or crown of the bulb is just above the soil. Choosing the pots of 8 inches to 12 inches would be a good option to grow these bulbs. You need to keep the pots in a dark place or shady place in order to encourage the growth.


Steps to grow plants from bulbs:


  • Choose a potting mix with a good drainage system.
  • Dig a hole approximately 3 times deeper than the bulb.
  • Place the bulb inside the hole and close it with the soil.
  • Provide sufficient water and essential nutrients for the plants to grow healthy.


There are five types of bulbs.

1. True bulbs: These are the specialized part of a plant which serves as the food storage units during dormancy.

2. Tubers: Tubers are the thickened underground part of a stem which serves as a food reserve and bearing buds from which new plants arise.

3. Corms: Corms are rounded underground storage organ present in plants consisting of a swollen stem base covered with scale leaves.

4. Rhizomes: Rhizomes are horizontally growing underground stem which puts out lateral shoots and roots at intervals.

5. Tuberous roots: The tuberous root differs from other root structures by the nutrient reserves being stored in an actual root instead of an enlarged stem.


Common flower bulbs




The common plants grown using these bulbs are Gladiolus, Rajnigandha, Daylily, Football Lily, Zephyranthes etc., These are the common ornamental plants that produce beautiful flowers.

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