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This is a Story of a passionate gardener and Nature lover. Who started gardening in the memory of her mother. 

It is so touching to hear what Mrs.Janaki  Says about her Garden:

Dear garden lovers,
It gives me great pleasure sharing my experiences about my garden to you all.
I guess the interest and passion for gardening came from my mother,who had a green thumbh.We had a 4 storeyed house in India and on the 4th floor,my mom had terrace garden.
So lush it used to be jasmines,roses,variety of other Indian flowers whose names i fail to remember,at this point.
Im quite emotional having tears rolling down my face,because all of it is just a memory but im glad my mom at 90yrs is still nuts about plants and has a small collection of roses and herbs which she fondly takes care of.
I actually started gardening after i got married probably missing my mom and family so started.


This is a Glimpse of  Mrs. Janaki's Garden: 

1. A great arrangement of assorted plants and planters


2. Some plants have got their seat up !!!

3. Tortoise meets its friend .

4. Isn't it a brilliant idea!!!!?

5. Cozy corner !!!!


Please do comment below your ideas and opinions.

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