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This is an inspiring story of a Small but Smart Garden by Enisha Eshwar

Go though the post to see what she says about her gardening journey so far.

1. What inspired you to start gardening?
I love greenery. It makes me happy and makes me want to breathe in. It soothes my mind and keeps me calm :)
I would love to grow a forest but that's not feasible living in a urban area :)  So I started with just growing a few plants in my tiny balcony.
2. When did you start?
2 months ago.
3. How did you start and how is your gardening journey so far?
I was inspired but a lot of people like me who do terrace gardening, through social media. It is through them i got to know about too. I got some soil, grow bags, seeds and planted them. 
The soil is rich and the seeds germinated very well. I have a couple of healthy growing plants today.
4. Any tips or tricks you want to suggest to gardeners?
Keep calm and be patient.
This is how  started her journey:
a) She bought Growbags , Seeds and Potting mix form us.
b) It started germinating. Yes hurray!!!
c) She made a smart plan to automatically water the plants. A self watering system from waste plastic bottles.
d) Here You go!!!! Success !!!.
5. Describe what all you have in your garden now.
I have a few plants of Okra, some of baby potatoes and one plant of evening jasmine.
7. Any thing interesting you want to share about gardening?
For beginners: Get some good soil and start with only a couple of plants. Take care of them, observe how they grow. You will learn. You can slowly expand later.

Please do comment below your ideas and opinions.

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  • Grt work..i love green n gardening …inherited frm my mom…being in transferable job..i would always lve my planta but always start a new…recently shifted to delhi ..please let me know what type of flowering plants should i plant now.

    Jeena on

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