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Set of 2 Bird houses (Red and Yellow)

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Set of 4 Colorful Bird houses

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Set of 2 Bird houses (Blue and Green)

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Bird House Blue

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Bird House Red

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Bird House Yellow

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Bird House Magenta

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Types of Bird house

Bird houses and bird cage are available in different types which can be used as home decor or  it can also be used for various other function. Bird houses decorations can be easily done by you. Bird cages can be used as home accessories. This cage as can be hanged on the wall or on the ceiling and decorate them with flower and bird toys. Bird cages can be very interesting lamp shades. This can also be used as a candle holder. By decorating with greens, fruits and flowers will give an appealing look to your garden. You can give a romantic touch to your garden by hanging them on the trees with flowers and candles in them. Birdcage can also be used as a planter.  Birdcage planter will give a unique look to your garden. Hang them inside the house or outside on a tree, create a beautiful look by hanging them in a row.

Below are some tips from our side to create a birdcage planter.

  1. Select a bird cage which won’t get rust/ shade, select the best colour which suits the colour scheme of your garden.
  2. Make sure to tight screw or nut because it will become heavy once soil and plants are in it.
  3. Now line the cage with coco liner. It’s important to line the cage nicely to stop soil from spilling out of the cage. Or you can place a container of similar size in a birdcage. Putting a container will make the work easy and your cage won’t rust faster. If you’re placing a container in the cage.
  4. Mix potting soil in the ¼ of a bird cage.
  5. Plant the seeds 1 inch deep or you can directly plant in the cage.
  6. Finding a right spot to hang your bird cage planter is very important. Fix it where it will become a focal point of your garden in a less windy spot. If it’s large you place on the table top.
  7. If you choose to grow flowers in the bird cage select a place in your garden where you can get 4 to 5 hours of sunlight.
  8. Always water the caged plants with a sprayer to avoid spilling of soil.

Trust Basket bird house and cage

Trust basket has a variety of birdhouse and cage in different colours. This house and cage are well used to décor the outdoor and indoor garden. Trust basket bird house is given with the round hanging which can be hanged on all types of walls or also you can them in the garden, balcony, etc, our birdhouse is available in 5 different colors blue, magenta, red, yellow and white. Our house/ cage are made up of galvanized metal and finishing is given powder coated painting.  So they won’t get shaded by direct sunlight /rust free. Trust basket is giving bird house in a set of 2 and 4 in low price. So you can hang them in a row for a beautiful look.

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