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Hand fork

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About Garden Hand Tools

There will be so much to learn, starting a garden for the first time.

  • Planting and taking care
  • Preventing pests and diseases
  • Providing basic requirements like soil water and light

On top of that, you need to buy basic garden hand tools for gardening that you might not be familiar. As a beginner gardener, buying high-quality tools that you can use for many different garden tasks is a much better strategy than picking up specialized, expensive tools that will only serve to clutter your tool shed.

Essential garden hand tools

Gardening gloves: A good pair of gardening gloves is essential. Heavy-duty gloves work well for clearing brush or pulling thick weeds, while lightweight synthetic gloves are better for pulling smaller weeds and planting flowers or seeds. The best gloves are lightweight with a protective coating on the palm and fingers, allowing you to pick weeds and plant seeds easily while also protecting your fingers and hands.

Garden weeder: Having hand garden tools like weeding tool is essential, as weeds will always find their way into your garden. It’s better for your plants and the environment to use one of these instead of spraying chemicals to get rid of them. Depending on the size and quantity of weeds, you can choose a larger weeder.

 Garden Cultivator: The hand rake is your soil manipulation tool. You can use it to smooth out soil, remove any pesky weeds, or turn your soil as a mini-tiller.

Garden shears:  Garden shears are used mostly to chop branches and stems. This breaks the “more than one purpose” rule, but shears are such an essential gardening activity that it makes sense to have a tool dedicated to the job.

These four tools are your essential hand garden tools, but if you have a little extra cash you may want to spring for a pair of nice gardening scissors. They’re not necessary, as a Garden shear can take the place of these tools, but there are situations where you may want a more specialized tool.

Gardening Kurpa: kurpa is a cutting tool with a flat blade which are used for digging soil and weeding in small gardens or vegetable farms.

Hand Fork: Slightly lighter and with a similar overall profile to the spade, the hand fork is best for cultivating the soil, especially in new ground. The tines are much easier to push into the soil if it is stoney and in clay soil, it breaks up the clods more easily.
As with the spade there are two main sizes - a digging fork and a smaller border fork. The smaller size is sometimes called a 'lady's fork' as it is easier to handle.

Hand Trowel: For smaller jobs such as planting bulbs and bedding plants in cultivated soil. A stainless steel version is probably best as the blade stays cleaner and is easier to spot if left lying around. Choose one made from forged metal rather than pressed steel as one good heave will leave the latter version bent or broken. The whole tool or part of it can be used as a measure when planting out.

Watering Can: Whether for spot-watering wilting plants or fertilizing containers of annuals, a watering can is a garden essential. Generally, those with a longer spout are better balanced. Easy-care, lightweight plastic watering cans work just as well as the most attractive brass and copper ones.

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