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Methi seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Methi seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Methi Seeds

Methi is popularly known as fenugreek, it is mainly used as condiments and as a flavoring agent for food preparations. Methi is a rich reservoir of medicinal properties that imparts many health benefits. Methi leaves are very easy to grow from seeds in pots and ground, even indoors. Here is some of the following step by step guide on how to grow methi from seeds in pots or ground at home, even indoors.

From Seeds to Planting beginning guide

When it comes to choose, Organic Methi seeds online India make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy hybrid Methi seeds India and getting information about growing. Here are few simple which you can follow to grow methi successfully.

  • Methi grows well in warm climate, If you have planned to grow from seed, spring the best time to start.
  • Soak the methi seeds in a jar or container with 4 to 5 inches of water above the seeds.leave them for 12 to 24 hours.
  • prepare soil , by adding some compost. Methi can be planted in direct soil as well as container. Scater methi seeds dense in the growing area
  • In order for the seeds to germinate, you have to water them daily. Make sure that the soil is evenly moist.
  • With the perfect potting mix and moisture, seed will be germinated in 7 to 8 days
  • Methi can be grown both indoor as well as outdoor, so select a place where it can get 4 to 5 hours of sunlight daily.
  • After 20 days from plantation methi are ready for first harvest, chop up its leaves and use for preparing delicious reciepies.

Choosing the pot/land and soil

Once you have decided to start gardening, selecting a planter is very important. Here are some tips to buy Planters.

  • There are many features to be considered while selecting a plant pots online below are some of them.
  • Depending upon the gardening whether indoor / outdoor select the pot with suitable size and material. Which are best suitable for your place. For Methi select a pot which has 12 inches in depth and width.
  • Be sure to select a pot which has a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water may flow out, This prevents your plant root from rotting.
  • For outdoor gardening select a planter which can withstand all the season.
  • Select colourfull planters will give an attractive look for your garden.

While select soil, never use soil  found around your garden for growing, As it lacks in nutrients. . If you want to use soil alone check our organic fertilizer else coco peat based potting mix which holds fertilizer as well as compost content in it. The major advantage of using coco peat based potting mix is it retains moisture content and you will not have to invest for fertilizer/compost.

Pests and diseases

Common diseases are leaf spot, aphids. You can use Neem oil a natural remedy to control pests and diseases, just got to spray it twice a day after watering. Avoid over watering and excess fertilizing.

Trust Basket Hybrid Methi Seeds India

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