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About Lucky Plants for Businesses & Offices

Trust Basket being one of the representative company we are into selling of gardening materials like plastic planters as growing medium, Terracotta clay pots for décor, Trust Bin which converts waste food into fertilizer, Design metal planters which can be hanged to railings which increase the natural beauty of house, and lucky plants for business and offices placed as you know.
The lucky Bamboo (lucky money plant) is also known as the DRACAENA SANDERIANA a botanical name where these plants were grown in tropical rain forests of southeast Asia and Africa, Later on, it found a transformation through individual practices and beliefs raised all over the world, Each stack has its own meaning.

  • One stalk represents good fortune 
  • Two stalks represent love
  • Three stalks represent happiness
  • Four stalks represent stable
  • Five stalks represent wealth and health
  • Six stalks represent Harmony (six sounds most like the word for a blessing)
  • Seven stalks represent longevity
  • Eight stalks represent growth
  • Nine stalks represent great luck
  • Ten stalks represent perfection
  • Eighteen, Twenty-eight and thirty-eight represents prosperity

Our team investigated about this for more than a month to know which will be the perfect and powerful tool which create happiness in customers so that we can reach your expectation and facilitate you with the extraordinary experience with the remarkable vision which can bring changes in your life we continued our best journey introducing 18 stalks lucky bamboo which is believed as the individual growth which helps in the growth of business and increases the prosperity.
As you know we all believe that lucky plant for business will increase luck to its owners so we can see this in office and business places and it'll be arranged or kept on the visitor table and 60% of companies keep this in each employee cabin, The fortune plant stalks resembles each energy and these plants were also known as symbol of Chinese strength.
These aquatic plants grows both in soil as well as water, and it can grow up to 3 to 4 feet and its leaves stretches to 8 to 9 inches, Reason why we prefer indoor, In some places in summer the temperature may increase more than 70 Fahrenheit but the plant can take up to 65 Fahrenheit - 70 Fahrenheit, And it’s better to change water once in a week and make sure that there are a few inches at all times, Enough to cover the roots.

Best tips to maintain a lucky plant

If the ends of leaves turn into yellow that means your plant isn't getting proper water supply or you increase in temperature to avoid this you can keep it in the proper place where there is no direct sunlight and provide proper water level looking to the container, And you need to trim the yellow leaf or remove the whole leaves by simply pulling them down off the stalk at the base of the leaves, if the plant gets smelly you can take the old container ingredients out and fill your container with new ones and then wash the bamboo in the sink by letting the water run on it and you can also use the wax to prevent bacteria entering the plant through the wound
You can also gift a lucky bamboo(lucky money plant), they are known as good fortune plants so people's present for the one who is sick or depressed to help them through the recovery process and a wedding is also a good time to give, It's known as the way to wish prosperous and luck-filled life.

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