Butter Fruit, a better fruit for a better health

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Butter Fruit, a better fruit for a better health

Fruits are one of the richest sources of nutrients. They contain almost all the nutrients required for a human. Fruits are capable of improving the immune system. Few fruits are rich in antioxidants. So doctors suggest eating sufficient quantity fruits regularly. In my previous blogs, I had mentioned about Fruits with the antioxidant property and Fruits that can improve the immune system. Here is one such fruit that is very rich in nutrients and good for health. It is Avocado or popularly known as Butter Fruit. Today, let us look into the details about Avocado Tree or Butter Fruit Tree.

About Avocado or Butter Fruit

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Avocados are one of the wonderful fruits grown in summer. They truly are one of the top superfoods to add to your diet. Avocados are a nutrient-dense fruit that contains about 20 vitamins and minerals. Avocados do not contain any cholesterol or sodium and are low in saturated fat. The yellow-green flesh inside the fruit is either scooped and eaten or made a milkshake. There are many types of avocado that vary in shape and color from pear-shaped to round and green to black. It’s often called "alligator pear," which is very descriptive, as it tends to be pear-shaped and has green, bumpy skin like an alligator.


About the Avocado Tree

The avocado tree is said to have originated in South Central Mexico. The fruit of the plant also called an or avocado pear or alligator pear is a large berry containing a single large seed known as a "pit" or a "stone. It is easy to grow your own avocado tree from seed. Just follow the below steps to grow your own Avocado tree at home.

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For growing Avocado at home, you can either get a plant from the nursery or grow them from the seeds. If you are willing to make it from the scratch, you need to take a healthy Avocado seed to germinate by removing the pulpy part on it. Be careful not to remove the brown skin on the pit, it is seed cover. Soak the seed in water. Some avocado pits are slightly elliptical, whereas others are shaped almost like perfect spheres. But all avocado pits have a flat ‘bottom’ from where the roots will grow and a sharp ‘top’ from which the sprout will grow. The slightly pointier end is the top, and the flat end is the bottom. In order to get your pit to sprout, you will need to place the bottom root end in water. Using toothpicks make sure the bottom is placed in water and the top part of the seed is in the air.

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The seeds will take minimum 8 weeks to germinate. The top of the avocado seed will start to dry out and form a crack once it is time for germination. The outer brown seed skin will be peeled off. The crack will extend to the bottom of the avocado seed and a tiny taproot will begin to emerge through the crack at the bottom. A small sprout can be seen peeking through the top of the avocado pit gradually. Once the plant reaches 4 to 5 inches in height, move them to the pot or directly to the ground. But make sure to provide a nutrient-rich potting mix for the plant so that you can get a healthy yield. Water the plant sufficiently but do not overwater. Overwatering may cause yellowing of leaves and the plants may perish.


Avocado plants may start bearing fruits after they are 3 or 4 years old. Sometimes they may take more than 10 years to grow fruits. So you cannot expect every tree to bear fruits. It depends on the pollination criteria as well. Be patient about seeing fruit. If you have purchased and planted a tree, you can probably expect to see your first fruit three to four years after planting. If you are growing from a seed, it can take anywhere from five to 13 years before the tree is mature enough to set fruit.

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