Grow Methi Hydroponically, without Soil

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Grow Methi Hydroponically, without Soil


Gardening is pleasure, gardening is having a connection with nature. Gardening is soil. But it is not always true that you have to make your hands' mud to grow plants. Now the time came that you can start growing plants without using soil. Yes, plants can be grown in water without the addition of any soil. You need not mud your hands to sow seeds and to harvest the crop. Isn't it fun growing plants in water? Because traditionally we are growing plants in the soil. Let's see what it means, and how can we grow the Methi in water.

 Fenugreek a green leafy leguminous plant is also called Methi/ Menthya in different parts of India.Being a leafy vegetable, it has a bunch of health benefits. Botanically methi is Trigonella foenum graecum. Leaves and seeds are edible parts of this beautiful, small greens.

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Besides having many health benefits, it is very easy to grow in your kitchen garden, indoor pots, and even in a bowl of water. Isn't it exciting to grow methi in water without using soil? Yes, fenugreek can be easily grown in water. Here is a piece of brief information about how to grow these greens in water. ( Methi seeds)


Traditionally menthya is grown in soil. Even though growing in soil is easy, but it is a very hassle process during harvesting. And part of the plant i.e. roots will be discarded when grown in soil. But it is not in the case with hydroponic methi. Because the entire plant can be consumed along with roots. Growing plants and taking care of them makes you engaging in nourishing life. Along with that growing your fruits and vegetables at home gives you a chance of eating chemical-free food. Let's check out how these tiny greens help you to gain health from greens


         How can Methi Healthify you:

  • Rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, and B complex
  • Strong antioxidant
  • Low calorific value
  • Intake of methi controls diabetes
  • Improves bone health
  • Stimulates breast milk production in mothers
  • Good for heart
  • Cures mouth ulcer
  • Prevents anemia

Magic of growing plants in water: method of growing plants in water without using soil, supplying mineral and nutrients rich water is known as hydroponics. This is a magic that works even in your kitchen. There are many benefits to going to this method of plant growth. Below are some benefits, go through them


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        Hydroponics cuts your efforts:

  • Space-saving
  • Soil less makes it hassle-free to grow & harvest
  • Chemicals free vegetables
  • Reduced attack of pest & diseases


       Materials required to grow methi in water:

  1. Fenugreek seeds ( Fenugreek  seeds
  2. Netted basket/ strainer
  3. Mineral water/ potable water
  4. Bucket/bowl
  5. Damp cotton cloth

       Follow this way to grow:

  • First, soak the seeds overnight.
  • Next day rinse of extra water from the soaked seeds.
  • Spread soaked seeds evenly on netted basket/strainer
  • Take bucket/ bowl with potable/mineral water
  • Place netted basket/ strainer on the bucket/bowl. Make sure water in the bucket just touches the lower surface of the strainer which contains seeds. Do not dip stainer/netted basket in the water in a bucket. As it will kill seeds before their growth.
  • Cover the netted basket/strainer where you placed seeds, with a damp cloth.
  • Change water in the bucket every day. Add drinking water into the bucket to supply required minerals to new plants.
  • Keep this setup under shade until seeds germinate.
  • Within 2-3 days seeds start germination.
  • Do not skip to change the water in the bucket and fill it with the same level of the water.
  • When you notice green leaves development from seeds, uncover the damp cloth.
  • After the development of 3-4 leaves keep in indirect light, for better plant growth.
  • Once the leaves are fully grown, about 4’’ tall harvest microgreens and use
  • Enjoy chemical-free baby fenugreek within two-three weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Image source

Remember these care tips for growing plants: 

  1. Do not keep plants under direct sunlight, as it will kill seedlings.
  2. Do not dip the netted basket/ strainer in the bucket of water, because seeds will not germinate.
  3. You can use any transparent plastic container to cover the netted basket and for creating a greenhouse condition.


       Waiting is a waste of time  start growing fenugreek/methi. Enjoy chemical-free, nutritious, healthy & fresh greens at your home. Becoming healthy along with growing your own food, it’s crazy and fun. Make it part of your lifestyle and become self-sustainable. Gain from greens.


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  • Posted on by Promila Pandita

    wonderful step by step information given,after reading it I ma definitely going to try this.
    Go Green Go sustainable

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    Very good information regarding hydroponics.
    Thanks to trust basket

  • Posted on by M S V S P VARMA

    Very good information regarding hydroponics.
    Thanks to trust basket

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    excellent idea

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