Select best container for your plants

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Select best container for your plants

                              Who does not want to keep plants in their home? Everyone will love to keep them. Plants spread happiness, love, and pure air among you. But choosing the right plant for your home and right container for your lovable plant is challenging. Here is a  detailed information on how to pair your plants with the best containers. Select the pair that works for you. 

Keeping plants at home enhances the beauty of your space. If you place your plant in a perfect container, enhances the appeal of your plants. While choosing pots be little creative. From old shoes to well-polished ceramic pots can be used as a container of the plant. But before using any pot as a container keep in mind some criteria, which makes your plant healthy and supports growth. 


Consider size, shape, color, weight, position, and material it is made of. More importantly, check the drainage hole in pots.

1. Perfect size matters:select pot size in the correct proportion to your plant. Always not more than three fourth height of your plant suits best. If your plant loves wet conditions go for bigger sized pot. Because the outflow of water will be less. If plants grow well in dry conditions select small pots, water outflow will be more. Selecting smaller pots for bigger plants reduces plant growth and the plant will become root-bound. See your plant and select pots accordingly. (Different sized pots)


2. Fit plant in the right shaped container:pots come in a variety of shapes. Plants having a long root system want taller and  cylindrical/ round pot Plants with short/ fibrous roots go well with rectangular pots. For kitchen herbs to use shallow rectangular pots, it gives more space for them to spread and grow           (Ex.Mint). 


3.  Colour adds beauty to plantscolor takes a very important role in the entire beauty of gardening. Use light-colored pots in sunny areas, because it reflects most of the solar radiation and keeps soil wet. Using dark-colored pots like black retains more heat which may damage young tender roots. According to the color of foliage choose contrast colored pots. Most of the time gold, white & black polished pots go well with indoor plants. Using white-colored container add beauty to your plant and compliments your interior.               ( Coloured pots )

4. Different weight pots for the purpose:depending on the place where you keep your plants select the right pot.When you place plants outside/outdoor and if won't mobilize them frequently, many heavy pots suit better. In the case of balcony use lightweight pots. For hanging purposes also use lightweight pots. If you frequently move your plant do not go for heavier pots & made of concrete and stone. To keep on your tabletop use small, colorful pots with saucer. Otherwise, go for double potting. ( Table top planters)

     5. Material made of:There are several kinds of pots made of plastic to metal. Depending on your convenience to use select pots accordingly. 

  • Lightweight plastic pots: plastic pots are available in numerous colors. And are very handy to use because of its lightweight and cheap cost. Can be seen in various shapes also. And plastic pots hold water for a long time. But due to heat retention, it may damage your plant.( Plastic pots)
  • Earthy terracotta Pots: Terracotta pots are good for plants because they are pours and allows the exchange of gases. Provide good drainage for plants. But soil becomes dry easily, you need to water plants frequently. And terracotta pots are fragile should be careful while handling. Their earthy look adds beauty to your garden.( Terracotta colour pots)
  • Attractive wood containers: wooden pots are trendy, looks elegant, add nature to your plant. Use wooden pots which are made of cider tree, rosewood because they lost longer. Avoid treated wood pots as they may contain a chemical that is harmful to plants especially crop plants. While using wood containers to use a plastic liner for durability. You can prepare your Wood pots with some pieces of wood and nails.
  • Heavy concrete/ stone pots: pots made of concrete/ stone are stronger, heavier can bear the weight of small trees and shrubs. They suit better to keep outside of your home. Difficult to move and damage resistant, wants the least care while handling become perfect if you won't move plant frequently and for outdoor condition,.lost longer. 
  • Beautiful ceramic pots: these pots are available in vibrant shape, size, and colors. But are expensive, so suits well indoor. Very delicate, can keep on the study table, bookshelf, windowsill, and wherever you like to keep plants.
  • Ornamental metallic pots: metal pots suits well for balcony, as they are available in various colors. And can be used indoor as double potting. Double potting is to keep your plant in a practical pot with a drainage hole and then placing that pot with saucer in a metal ornamental container without a drainage hole. Most often metal pots rust after some time. Therefore use a plastic liner inside before planting.( Metallic pots )


                                       In the present market container collection is not a limitation. But selecting a container that is best for your plants, makes you successful in gardening and keeping the plant healthy. Before buying random pots do think twice and select pots accordingly to the need for plants. After all your plants need some love and care.  






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