Terrace gardening

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Terrace gardening

Gardening is one of the best hobbies one should have. Maintaining a small home garden keep you relaxed. If you show affection towards the garden, in turn, it shows affection on you. If you find your children welcoming you when you come back from your hectic schedule, how refreshed you feel? Looking at their innocent and cute face, you forget all your tensions. Your garden gives you the same feeling. They also beautify your household.

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By this time I think you have decided to have your own garden. Due to space constraints, our dream of having a garden cannot be achieved. When it comes to gardening, these space constraints makes most of us lose interest. But no need to lose your hopes. I'm here to help you out. Me being the gardening enthusiast can understand your difficulties. A piece of land in front of your house filled with plants and trees containing colorful flowers and delicious fruits comes to your mind when you hear the word garden.

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But in today's congested world filled with flats and apartments, having such places to maintain a garden around your house is impossible. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to have such places to maintain a garden. Here is a way to show your affection towards the plants. It is called Balcony gardening or Terrace gardening.

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You can have your own mini garden with small pots. You can grow plants using the resources which you find at your own house like old buckets, plastic bottles, glass bottles etc., You can make your own hanging pots using coconut shells and old wires or ropes. You can also get decorative pots like hanging pots and railing pots made of metal and plastic. You can also use terracotta pots

You can get anything and everything today except a place to grow plants. So you can utilize the available space at your home to grow plants. You get potting mix as well as other gardening materials at your nearest gardening stores.
You can use any type of soil. But red soil is the most preferred type of soil. Soil will be the main source of minerals for plants to flourish.

You can also use coco peat. It does not contain the required nutrients but it is a convenient growing medium. You need to add some nutrients externally or you can also mix both soil and coco peat.
Bring it, fill it and plant it. That's all.

Now a question arises, how and where to buy seeds. Actually, you need not worry about seeds. You can start it using the grains available in the kitchen like mustard which sprouts by the sprinkle of water.

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Some seeds need to be sown. Poke the potting mix filled in the pot and make a small hole of about 2 inches depth. Place the seed in it and cover it with soil and sprinkle some water. You can sow about 3-4 seeds in a big pot and not more than 2 seeds in a medium-sized pot. You need to provide sufficient space for the seeds to germinate. So decide the number of seeds according to the size of the pot. If you are looking for decorative plants, you can purchase it from the nearby nurseries and gardening shops. You also get the decorative plant seeds online.

If you sprinkle water once in 2 days that would be enough. Keep this in mind, plants won't grow faster by overwatering.

As the old proverb says SHARING IS CARING, by sharing my experience, I may have helped you in caring your plants.

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