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₹ 439 ₹ 410 (7% off)

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Set of 2 Neem Oil for Plants (100ml each)

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Set of 10 premium colourful Dotted Grow bags(20*20*35 cms)

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Coco Peat Block(650 grams)-Expands To 8 Litres Of Coco Peat Powder

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Premium Colorful Stripe Grow Bag - Set of 10 (20*20*35 cm)

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Jumboo Tool Kit

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About Garden Materials

Every gardener has to have an idea of using right tool to maintain a healthy attractive garden. If you’re just starting out in the world of gardening it’s a good idea to familiarize with some of the basic tools.

Gardening gloves: for shielding your hands, for beginners into the fray, a pair of protective gloves includes the bracket of essentiality. As one of the bare basic gardening tools, it will shield your fingers from the rough and toughs of gardening. Despite all its delightful doses, there are barbs and pricks in umpteen numbers. Without adequate protection, the unused fingers may be prone to cuts and blisters.

Garden Shears: This tool ease the burden on your aching hands by requiring less effort to cut dead or live branches, respectively.

Garden kurpa: kurpa is a cutting tool with a flat bade which are used for digging soil and weeding in small gardens or vegetable farms.

Hand fork:  this gardening is used for loosening and lifting soil in gardening and farming.

Watering can: Whether for spot-watering wilting plants or fertilizing containers of annuals, a watering can is a garden essential. Generally, those with a longer spout are better balanced. Easy-care, lightweight plastic watering cans work just as well as the more attractive brass and copper ones.

Seedling tray: Seedling trays help in producing healthy and uniform seedlings and prevent transplanting shock due to healthier and stronger roots.

Trust basket garden materials

We manufacture and supply Garden Tools Developed using hard chrome plated blade, these Garden Tool Kits are perfect for all kinds of pruning tasks. We are offering these highly demanded Garden Tool Kits to our prestigious clients at a competitive price. Trust basket provides all variety of garden tools and fertilizers required for home gardening. Our garden tool kit online contains (gardening kurpa, hand trowel, water sprayer and cutter) basic tools for a gardener to start home gardening.  We are also providing plant maintenance kit for the beginners which contain 1 Kg Organic Fertilizer, 1 Kg Vermicompost 100 ml Neemoil and 1 ltr Pressure Sprayer.

Vermicompost and the organic fertilizer can be used as a fertilizer for the plants which improves the growth and health of the plant. Whereas neem oil and pressure sprayer can be used as pesticide to destroy insects or other organisms which are harmful to cultivated plants. Other than that we provide all garden materials like planters, pebbles, garden safety kit, garden shears online, pebbles, seedling tray and many more.

Trust basket planters are UV treated so they can be used for both outdoor and indoor gardening.

Seedling trays are the best tool to use for seedling after the seed germination you can transplant them into container.

  1. Gardening safety kit (garden gloves, safety glass and dust mask)
  2. Gardening gloves must be worn when operating hedge clippers and other garden tools or equipment that expose you to finger or hand injuries like scratches, blisters and cuts
  3. Safety glass: to protect you from flying debris and dust
  4. Dust mask: to protect you from the dust while working in the garden

Features of Trust basket garden tools:

  • Smooth cutting
  • Rust resistant comfortable handle
  • Light in weight
  • Quick release lock
  • Optimum strength

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