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Set Of 2-Dotted Oval Railing Planter-(Purple, Red)

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Titan Self Watering Pot (Set of 5 - Assorted colors)

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About Medium Pots

The perfect pot for your container gardener is one that enhances the plant and the location in which they are displayed.  Choosing the right container involves a number of decisions, determine the type of materials to use wood, terracotta, and metal which suits your location, where you plan to display the plant and its container. Guidelines for ideal container size differ a bit for permanent plants and seasonal plants. For permanent plants think longer term and choose a pot that allows room for a year of root growth. If you want to maintain plants easy – medium containers are better.  Medium containers have large soil volume so the plants won't need to be watered as often.  More soil also means your plants can grow a bigger root system.  Plants with lots of roots tend to be healthy, happy plants.

What kind of material your pot is made out of will also impact how quickly the soil dries out.  Clay pots and  containers will dry out more quickly than plastic or metal.  Plastic and metal pots are slower to dry because water doesn't evaporate through their sides. 

Here are some tips for using medium pots in the proper locations

  • Avoid clustering too many different kinds of containers together. This takes away the uniqueness of each individual container.
  • Go for a prominent place for a single outstanding container. So you can see it from both indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Groupings can be effective if you have collections of planters in different colours. Décor you’re up stairs, a corner of the deck, or a spot on the patio with groupings of the same type of container with different colours.
  • Select a planter with a drainage hole so the excess of water will flow out, use a saucers to avoid spillage.
  • Select a planter material which is used for long-term service outside like metal, plastic and terracotta.

Overall, you may find that a Medium planter provides a beautiful welcome for the garden. 

Trust basket Medium pots online

Trust basket provides a variety of planters in Medium size. Our planters are available in different materials (metal, plastic and terracotta) and Shape (oval, rectangular, bee and round). Our planters can be used in different places as per the choice and availability of space. They can be used inside the rooms, courtyard, lawn or garden. Planters can even be used in offices or other places.

Features of our trust basket medium pots online

  • Efficient
  • Attractive
  • All the planters will be having a drainage hole in the bottom. This helps to flush out the excess of water.
  • The minimum durability of our planter is 10 years

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