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Lemon Grass seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Lemon Grass

If you like lemongrass herb in your soups and seafood dishes. You can grow your own lemon grass in your garden. In fact lemon grass can be easily grown in your garden. Lemongrass is used for treating digestive tract spasms, stomachache, high blood pressure, convulsions, pain, vomiting, cough, achy joints (rheumatism), fever, the common cold, and exhaustion. It is also used to kill germs and as a mild astringent.

Here are few steps that will help you grow lemon grass

  1. Initially, you got to buy Seeds. Buy lemon grass seeds online From Trusted Company, while selecting organic lemon seeds online its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person
  2. Fill a container almost to the top with sterile commercial potting soil. The container must have drainage holes and be at least 8 to 10 inches deep and 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Mix some water with the potting soil so it is moist but not wet. Make a hole in the center of the soil.
  3. Sow seeds 2 inches deep gently and place the pot in a sunny location
  4. Water the lemongrass as often as necessary to keep the soil moist but not wet. In extremely hot or windy weather, water more often because container plants dry out more quickly than plants in the ground.
  5. Fertilize the plant with a water-soluble fertilizer designed for herbs and vegetables. Follow the label directions for mixing and application. Because you will be eating the lemongrass from the pot, use an organic fertilizer.

Watering and taking care

The soil your lemongrass is planted in should never be allowed to dry out. Water regularly during the growing season. During dry, hot weather, mist your lemongrass and check the soil for dryness daily. Feed your lemongrass with a water-soluble, high-nitrogen fertilizer each week during the summer. During the rest of the year, feed the plant monthly with the same fertilizer.

After two or three years of growth, your lemongrass, especially container-grown lemongrass, will begin to crowd its location. Dividing the plants avoids overcrowding, which reduces productivity, and allows you to propagate the lemongrass. To divide the plant, dig it out or remove it from its container, and split the clump either with your hands or with a spade. The divisions can then be replanted.

Harvest the lemongrass frequently once the plant is established because keeping it pruned encourages healthy growth. In a few weeks or months, your lone lemongrass stalk will become multiples


The scent of lemongrass repels many pests and can be used to help keep mosquitoes at bay. Spider mites are a concern for lemongrass plants kept indoors. If you notice pale speckles on the leaves of your lemongrass, take the plant outside and give it a blast of water from the house or treat the plant with organic pesticide such as "Neem oil"

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