4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.9 19

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 33

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 20

Round Ribbed Railing Planters - Set of 5 (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange)

₹ 1,759 ₹ 999 (43% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.9 19

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 6

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 5

Oleander Magnetic Planter

₹ 599 ₹ 299 (50% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.0 1

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.5 4

Snow Ball Magnetic Planter

₹ 519 ₹ 269 (48% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 6

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 3

Set Of 2-Dotted Oval Railing Planter-(Purple, Red)

₹ 1,027 ₹ 659 (36% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.0 1

TrustBasket Rectangular Railing Planter - Ivory (18 Inch)

₹ 937 ₹ 599 (36% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.5 2

Blossom Flower Planter

₹ 634 ₹ 399 (37% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.7 6

Single Railing Planter (Set Of 2) - Blue & Yellow

₹ 868 ₹ 429 (51% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 6

Rectangular Railing Planter -Green (23 Inch)

₹ 1,047 ₹ 1,001 (4% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 1

Plain Round Railing Planters - Set of 10 (Green, Yellow, Magenta, Red, Purple)

₹ 2,293 ₹ 1,449 (37% off)

Set Of 2-Dotted Oval Railing Planter-(Magenta, Green)

₹ 1,027 ₹ 649 (37% off)

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Selecting a metal garden planters is a creative idea of decorating their surroundings. Compared to ceramic and plastic, metal pots have low maintenance. Metal garden pots are available in different colours which give an attractive look for your garden. While selecting a railing or hanging pot for indoor/outdoor choose a planter which can hold the plant weight. There are quite things to be kept in mind while choosing metal garden planters. We recommend you to choose good quality metal pot which can with stand direct sunlight and rainfall. Select a place for the plants where it can get 4 to 5 hours of supporting sunlight. Metal pots will give a blooming look for your garden.As a general rule, select as large a planters as possible. Small planters dry out more quickly and need daily watering. Most importantly, you'll need to think about the depth of the container you'll be growing in. Plants with deep root systems will be stunted and unhealthy if they don't have adequate space. The plants may change annually, but you may live with the container for years. So make sure you like it when it's empty. Choose containers that go with the style of your home and garden, and make sure groups of pots are pleasing together. Water must be able to flow freely away from the plants' roots, so make sure a pot has a drainage hole in the bottom. Many found objects can be adapted as planters, but only if you can drill that hole. It is not necessary to line the bottom of a pot with gravel or rocks for drainage. But it is a good idea to place a chip of broken pottery or a small piece of window screen over the hole to keep the soil from flowing away with the water


A variety of metal garden pots is available in trust basket. These pots are made up of galvanized metal and finishing is given with powder coated painting which provides high durability for the planters. we provide planters which are users friendly and beneficiary with detachable hooks so you can use them as railing planters and also as table top planters. you can use our planters for outdoor gardening since they are UV (ultra violet) treated which can withstand direct sunlight all over the day. no need to worry in the rainy season because our pots are rust free. Our planter’s durability is minimum 10 years and it extends based on the maintenance. We provides all type of metal garden pots like wall hanging, balcony railing, Tabletop, hanging planters, with different colours and size. you can also select our planters based on growing flowers or veggies. Round planters and Bee planters of Trust basket are normaly used to grow common vegetables like tomato chilli etc. Our oval and rectangular planters are used to grow root vegetables, climbers and large flower plants. lace finished table top planters are a perfect match for the colourful flowers. Instead of using ceramic and plastic pot use our best-designed metal pots to decorate your garden.

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