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If you have chosen over railing planters to decor your garden you have taken a right decision. Railing planters are the best planters to grow the plant and to décor your garden. Instead of using table top planters you can use railing planters, for example, if you place these planters on the balcony or in terrace railings/wall this planter will give an appealing look for your house/flat/apartment.Often, space is at a premium on an apartment balcony. But if you want to try apartment gardening, there are plenty of space-saving options for growing plants on a balcony. The key is to get as many plants up off the ground as possible. You want to save this precious floor space for furniture, not have it taken up by a garden.There are several types of balcony planters that can get your apartment garden up and off the floor. Which one you use will depend on the size of the balcony and the type of railing you might have Standing on your balcony amidst the charming trust basket over the railing planter will make you feel cozy. Skillfully crafted this metal planter comes in an elegant color. Made of galvanized metal to last longer, the planter can fit securely on any type of balcony railings. Dianthus petunia and pansy are the best flowers which can be grown in this planters so these planters are not only used to grow plants they also welcome your visitors.


Trust basket provides a variety of over railing planters in different colours and shapes.We offer metal planters in contemporary designs and patterns. The elegant metalwork and excellent finishing make them suitable for both indoors and outdoor. These planters are made up of galvanized metal and finishing is given with powder coated painting so they won’t get shaded for direct sunlight/rust free. Our planters will weigh around 1 kilogram which helps you to carry from one place to another. These planters are capable of containing potting mix which helps you to grow all kinds of plants. Flower plants like water Lilly and lotus can also be grown in our mountable railing planters. Trust basket planters have the ability to beautify and enhance your outdoor areas any time of the year. There are actually many ways to do these, but you must also keep in mind that your pots and planters need to be protected for long time use and outdoor area beautification.Try our planters to decorate your garden for a blossoming look.

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