How to Choose the Right Garden Pots?

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How to Choose the Right Garden Pots?

Every plant requires an ideal environment for its growth. The garden pot in which you keep the plant plays a crucial role in its development. With so many different varieties available, it becomes essential to choose the right kind of pot for your plant. There are certain factors which you must be aware of while purchasing garden pots online to make sure that you get fruitful results.

1. Material

Garden pots can be of different types based on the material from which they are made. You should select the material according to the requirements of your plant. Various materials can be –

  • Terra-Cotta: Terra-cotta pots are made up of porous clay, allowing the plants to breathe. With their earthy colour, they give a natural look to your garden. They maintain the temperature and moisture inside the soil and keep the plants healthy. However, they need to be handled with care due to their fragile nature.
  • Plastic: Plastic pots offer excellent durability and are lightweight. They are ideal for plants that cover the whole pot when they grow. They help retain the moisture inside the soil. However, plastic pots of dark colour can be harmful to the plants due to the absorption of heat.
  • Concrete: For large sized plants that need rigid support from the bottom, concrete pots can be the ideal thing. They offer excellent insulation and a comfortable environment for the plants to keep them protected from external damage. But they are difficult to handle due to their heavy weight.
  • Wood: Wooden pots are widely used because of their attractive look, practicality, and high water retention capability. But it is essential to make sure the wood used to make the pot is of good quality and resistant to rotting. You can paint them with non-toxic paints to prevent rotting. 

2. Size

You must consider the size up to which your plant can grow and the area in which you are going to keep the pot.

  • Small Pots: Small pots are ideal for small plants with low water requirements and shallow roots like cactus. A pot of small size may not be suitable for a large plant as it will keep the roots congested. It may resist the growth of the plant by cutting off the supply of essential nutrients, oxygen, and moisture.
  • Large Pots: large pots are ideal for plants which are larger in size and require more soil for their roots to grow. Having a plant with small roots in large pots cause the soil to get superfluous and act as a barrier to the growth of the plant. But it can retain water as it may take a lot of time to dry out completely.

 3. Drainage

You need to make sure that the pot which you buy for your plant must allow proper drainage of water. It should contain drainage holes of the appropriate size to let the water pass so that the roots can get sufficient amount of oxygen. If the excess water is unable to drain from the pot, it may cause damage to the plant.

4. Porosity

It is essential that the container must be porous. Pots made from a natural material like clay, timber, or terracotta provide better porosity and helps in the movement of air and moisture through the pot. It also helps in maintaining the temperature of the plant. Porous pots prevents rotting of the roots by keeping the soil cool and drawing the excessive water.

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