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About Large Outdoor Planters

Gardening using large outdoor planters means to plant big plants where they have quite good space for them to grow or you can even collide a number of plants into a single one. Say you want to use large planters as your plant medium then you surely will have an idea to grow a big plant or it can be vegetable gardening. Well it holds a lot of advantage in the same way you will have to take care of few things like for a big plant pot definitely space is required a drainage hole to drain out excess water and the material to matters

Now let’s take up space, gardening does not only mean to be in your back yard or at balcony it can be done indoor too. In such case whether it's indoor or large outdoor planters space matters, if there’s sufficient space around any big flower pots can fit in, so here we are talking about gardening in specific with space the basic requirement for the plants to grow is important to i.e., sunlight, So you will have to choose a right place where your large planter can be placed with sufficient sunlight for the plant to grow. Same thing goes with the indoor plantation. Large planters like vertical gardening panel and long rectangular planters can be placed outdoor side near compounds/entrance.

You might think is the big plant pot suited for decorating up your garden, yes they do. But it’s the plants which you choose to grow in them. For vegetable gardening, it's well suited but make sure you provide a right amount of potting mix as vegetables are quite sensitive when it comes to growth and obvious they are gonna be placed outdoor.

Say, about designing ideas for your balcony or garden, I say give a right mix of potting medium and good set of flowerings. Big flower pots come with a verity of shapes and textures, you just got place them at right corner for a detailed view.


Trust basket has a lot of metal and terracotta large planters for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Metal planters like oval and rectangular pots can be used to grow vegetables and climbers, our rectangular pots are available in different size so depending on your space and the type of plant you can choose our rectangular pot.Trust basket planters are provided with a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out which prevents your plant from rotting. make a note that large planters are commonly used for outdoor gardening. our planters are made up of galvanized metal and finishing is given with powder coated painting. so our planters won't get shaded for direct sunlight/ rust free, and also less weighted so our planters are easily and flexible to carry. Our handmade eco-friendly terracotta planters like a snail, elephant, hippo, Buddha head, hen, sheep planters are some of our large planters which can be used to grow large plants and climbers. Our planters not only decorate your garden It also welcomes your visitors.

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