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TrustBasket Large Poly Growbags UV Stabilized-10 Qty [24cms(L)X24cms(W)X40cms(H)]

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TrustBasket Poly GrowBags UV Stabilized-10 Qty [20cms(L)x20cms(W)x35cms(H)]

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Set of 5 premium colourful Dotted Grow bags (20*20*35 cms)

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TrustBasket Poly GrowBags UV Stabilized-5 Qty [20cms(L)x20cms(W)x35cms(H)]

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Growing flowers is your hobby, choose a right plant container for gardening. While selecting a plastic container for flower gardening choose a planter with good quality and has less maintenance. Below are some suggestions given by our experts to select plastic flower pots.

  • Select a pot which can contain 4 to 5 kg of potting mix.
  • Pot with a drainage hole is well suitable for flower gardening.
  • choose a pot which can sustain direct sunlight and can be kept outside all over the day.
  • For indoor gardening planters, size depends so select a planter which can be comfortably placed in the desired location.
  • Depending upon the plant growth select the size of the planter.
  • Colourfull flowers with plastic pots will give a blossoming look for your garden.
  • For flower gardening choose a planter according to the size and growth of the plant .


Trust basket is a prominent and foremost manufacturing of planters. the manufactured goods is produced with the help of latest and most modern machinery and are available at cost effective prices. If you are searching for best and decorative plastic flower pots for gardening you have selected a right place to buy. Trust Basket has a variety of planters which are suitable for both outdoor and indoor gardening. while selecting a place for planting choose a right place where you can get 4 to 5 hours of sunlight required for a plant to grow healthily. Select a planter depending upon the type and growth of the plant so your plant won't suffocate from less space.Trust basket not only provides planters for gardening it also provides gardening materials like the potting mix, plant food, vermicompost, gardening tools. We provide best hybrid flower seeds with 100% result. Our planters are available in different sizes which are used to grow both large and small flowers. Flower plants like calendula Californian, cineria, dahlia gerbera, marigold, mesembryanthemum are some of the large flower plants which need some large space to grow so use our 14-inch planter which has enough space for the roots to grow. Small flowers like vinca, portulaca and gomphrena are some of the plants which need less space to grow so use our 12 inch and 10inch planters. These planters are UV (ultraviolet ) treated so they won’t be damaged by direct sunlight and can be kept out all over the day. Planters are given with drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out, which helps your plant to grow healthily that results in good yield. Trust basket planters have a durability of minimum 10 years and the durability extends depending on the maintenance of planters.

Below are some of the suggestions given by our experts for flower gardening.

Normally most flowering plants need a minimum sunlight of 5 to 6 hours daily through the growing season. Select a soil which is not too sandy and not too sticky with enough organic matter is essential for successful flower gardening. while selecting a flower seed choose a good quality hybrid seeds with 100 % result. or you can also buy a plant already sprouted in a nursery. At first, check whether you have a site of good sunlight and also the kind of soil, how close to the house, how much work you are willing to put in and then look for a plant that fits. You can contact us on our support number to get guidance regarding gardening.

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