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About Small Pot

Designing ideas using Small pots

In places where there’s less space around the house or apartment, and you want to grow plants, go for small planters. These small pots are the right choice as they fit into the smallest space available. You can grow flowerings in small flower pots and beautify your surroundings. 

Small planters are a great option for balcony gardening. They come in a number of shapes, textures and materials. You can check our balcony railing planters, hanging planters, table top, terracotta’s and other small pots online for balcony gardening. These pots can be used to create a garden even in small spaces like balcony grills and compound walls. 

Small flower pots placed in bulk give an eye-catchy view. You can arrange the pots in such a way that each flowering/green/any plants are visible. When you set up a garden using small pots, you can also think of accessories such as garden sticks/ bird houses to enhance the aesthetics. 

It is not just enough to set up the garden. You should also take good care of it. Small pots are best suited for small plants/small flowering plants that have small root ends. 

Benefits of Small Pots

  • Small pot garden allows you to grow plants on a balcony, patio, courtyard, indoors on windowsills or rooms with adequate light, the deck of a boat, rooftop or caravan annex.
  • Due to the small surface area, it’s unlikely weed seeds will find their way into pots.
  • Plants in pots can easily be moved to suit your needs or to a more suitable sunny or shady location during the day.
  • Rearrange plants to suit the season or your personal taste.
  • Less time is spent on weeding and watering when plants are grouped all in one place. 

Trust Basket Small Pots Online

Trust Basket offers a wide and exclusive range of small pots online. Our products are demanded extensively by clients and are appreciated for their durability, reliability, and optimum quality. We make these products available to the customers in varied specifications, in order to meet their exact requirements. Besides, we make sure to examine the quality of the entire range before delivering these products to the clients. 

Our small metal planters are made of galvanized metal. The pots are given powder-coated finishing to protect the colour from fading and the metal pot from rusting. These planters are rust free so you can use them for outdoor gardening. While selecting a planter, choose one that has a drainage hole so excess water will flow out. All planters from Trust Basket have a drainage hole at the bottom. So, it prevents your plant from rotting because of too much moisture. 

Our handmade terracotta planters with best designs can also be used for small gardening. Small planters like thinking dog, owl, hand planters and leg planters can be used to grow small veggies (tomato, chili, capsicum, etc.) and flowers ( aster, vinca petunia, etc.) Metal planters like single dotted railing, bee, lace and oval are some of our best-designed planters. Plant colourful flowers in these planters to add a beautiful look to your garden. Our planters not only fill the space but also welcome your visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

If you are using tiny pots, you can grow indoor plants like Syngonium, Philodendron, Money Plant etc., If you are using comparatively big pots, you can grow seasonal flower plants like Dahlia, Zinia and other normal sized plants.

You cannot grow flower plants in tiny pots. But you can grow the flowering plants like Chrysanthemum, Marigold etc., in comparatively bigger pots.

You can grow any type of normal plants in the small pots.

All our pots are made of premium quality materials. Hence they are durable for many years.