Beautiful Flower Plants grown in Summer

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Beautiful Flower Plants grown in Summer

Summer is the toughest season for both Plants and animals. They won't get sufficient water during this season. More than 40% of the plant perish every year due to lack of water. Due to global warming, all the water sources are evaporating hence causing water scarcity. But, I'm happy to tell you that despite hot climate, there are certain plants which can grow during the summer season. They can survive in high sunlight. Here are some of the plants which can grow in summer. I'm even more happy to tell you that the plants that I'm going to discuss are beautiful flowering plants. You can grow these plants during summer and enjoy their beauty.

1. Portulaca:

a. Plant category: Flower.
b. Germination time: 10 to 15 days.
c. The temperature required: 18 °C to 21°C.
d. Harvest time: 65 to 80 days from germination.

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Portulaca is a succulent flowering plant found in Argentina, Brazil and South Asian countries. These plants produce flowers with attractive colors like Pink, Yellow, Red, white etc., They are often used as ornamental plants. They are commonly called as Rose moss, ten 'o'clock, Mexican rose, Sun rose etc.,

You can easily grow Portulaca plant from seeds at your home. Portulaca seeds take 10 to 15 days to germinate. Portulaca plant can be grown in any kinds of soil but prefer sandy, well-drained soil and love the full sunlight. They require minimum 18°c to 21°c for the better growth. These plants are excellent high heat and drought tolerant flowering plants. As they belong to the succulent category, they do not require regular watering. Light watering would be enough as their root zone is very shallow. Using an organic potting mix with good drainage facility will boost up the plant's growth. Add sufficient organic fertilizers to enrich the nutrients.

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This plant is most affected by pests like Aphids and gnats. We advice applying "Neem oil". Neem oil is a natural pesticide. So can avoid diseases. You can harvest the flowers after 65 to 80 days of germination.

2. Aster:

a. Plant category: Flower.
b. Germination time: 15 to 20 days.
c. The temperature required: Minimum 18 °C.
d. Harvest time: 45 to 60 days from germination.

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Aster is another ornamental plant grown at most of the houses. They are native to Europe, Asia and North American countries. The name 'Aster' is derived from the Greek language which means "Star'. Because of its star-shaped flowers, they were called as 'Aster'. These flowers bloom in Purple, White, Red and other attractive colors. These flowers will enhance the beauty of your home garden.

The aster seeds germinate within 15 to 20 days. They can be easily grown in pots. Aster seeds require minimum 18°c to germinate. Even though aster is a perennial plant which can be grown in any season, it can withstand hot weather. So no need to worry about high sunlight. Asters are the low water consumer plants. Weekly once in the summer season, three or four days once in the winter and rainy season would be sufficient. Make sure you are planting them in a good potting mix and providing good natural fertilizer.

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Aster is commonly affected by Powdery Mildew disease. Proper care must be taken by treating the plants with natural pesticides like Neem oil. Aster flowers will be ready for harvest after 45 to 60 days of germination.

3. Cosmos

a. Plant category: Flower.
b. Germination time: 10 to 15 days.
c. The temperature required: minimum 21 degrees C.
d. Harvest time: 60 to 70 days from germination.

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Cosmos is one of the easiest growing flower plants at home. The colorful flowers of this plant have the ability to catch the attention. It can be grown in any season but grows well in summer. 

The seeds will take about 10 to 15 days to germinate. You can germinate the seeds in pots or directly on the land. We suggest germinating the seeds in the seedling tray for effective germination as seedling tray method is the safest method for germination. Once the saplings reach 2 to 3 inches height, you can transplant them to the bigger pots or directly to the land. It requires minimum 21°c to grow well. A good potting mix containing essential nutrients is required for the saplings to grow well. I suggest using organic fertilizers in order to keep the plant healthy. As cosmos is a summer plant, it cannot sustain less sunlight. So it is better to grow the plant outdoors.

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Cosmos is a high water consumer plant. During winter water the plants once in 2 days and do not water during rainy season unless the plant is not getting the rainwater. Canker and Powdery Mildew are the common diseases that can affect the cosmos plant. So use Neem oil which protects the plant and acts as an organic pesticide. They are harvested after 60 to 70 days of germination. 

4. Cockscomb:

a. Plant category: Flower.
b. Germination time: 10 to 15 days.
c. The temperature required: Minimum 20°C to 26°C.
d. Harvest time: 80 to 95 days from germination.

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Cockscomb is a decorative flower plant which is used to decorate the house. As the flower looks like the head of a rooster or cock, this flower is called as Cockscomb. These plants are resistant to most diseases and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The plant prefers well-drained soil, as the plant is susceptible to fungal diseases. These flowers also bloom in attractive colors and beautify your house.

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Cockscomb seeds take 10 to 15 days to germinate. You can either grow them in pots or directly in the land. Growing Cockscomb in a well-drained potting soil will make the plant healthy. It requires 20°c to 26°c. It needs water in time to grow healthy. Watering the plants three to four days once during winter & rainy season and to 6 days once in the summer season would be enough for the healthy growth of the plant.

Cockscomb plants are affected by diseases like Bacterial Leaf spot and Root rot. By using suitable natural pesticides like Neem oil, these diseases. Cockscombs can be harvested after 80 to 95 days of germination.

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