4 Common Gardening Mistakes a beginner must avoid

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4 Common Gardening Mistakes a beginner must avoid

Everyone loves gardening. Having a wonderful garden with beautiful plants is everyone's wish. Some people buy plants from the local nursery or from gardening websites and start their gardening journey. But they won't be knowing the right way to grow those plants. In the previous blogs I had discussed about Easy gardening tips for beginners and Germination hacks. They will try to grow in some random way but it won't work. At this point, they will lose their interest in gardening. As they are unaware of gardening methods, mistakes happen and they won't be able to maintain a successful garden. So today I'm here to explain you some common gardening mistakes that happen in a garden and some tips to overcome those mistakes.

1. Watering:

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Water is very essential for a plant to grow healthy. But the amount of water the plant needs must be taken into consideration. Overwatering won't help your plants in any way. Overwater creates lack of oxygen and the roots rot. The water accumulated in the roots causes the disease called Root Rot. Once the root starts rotting, it loses the ability to absorb the nutrients from the soil and hence the plants will perish. The plants die if they don't get sufficient water. The nutrients present in the soil dissolve in water and the plants absorb the nutrients from the water. If the plant does not get sufficient water, they start losing moisture and hence perish. You need to water for the plant growth in a proper way.

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There are certain plants which require more water and some plants like Succulents can survive with the limited supply of water. The weather also matters while watering. Plants do not need water during rainy season unless they are not exposed to rain. During summer, the soil gets evaporated faster. Watering the plants thoroughly is very important during summer. So, you need to know about the plant's nature before watering them.

2. Sowing the seeds:

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The first thing you must know when it comes to sowing the seeds is about the quality of the seeds. Most of the beginners make this mistake as they won't be aware of the seeds quality. You will be partially successful if you choose good quality seeds. Not only good quality seeds matter, but also the sowing method matters. The sowing depth depends on the size of the seeds. If you are using smaller seeds like Mustard, Coriander, Chilli etc., no need to sow it deep inside the soil. Just sprinkling the seeds and covering it with a layer of soil would be enough. If at all you are using bigger seeds like Mango, Avocado etc., you need to sow them deep inside the soil as per the requirement.

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If you are sowing the smaller seeds deep inside the soil, they won't get the nutrients provided by you and hence won't germinate. If you sow the bigger seeds on the surface, they won't get sufficient space for developing the roots and hence perish. So the sowing depth depends on the size of the seeds you choose.

3. Selecting the growing medium:

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As you all know, growing medium plays a very important role in the growth of a plant. You need to select an appropriate growing medium for the plants which you have selected to grow. Here, most of the people make mistakes. Certain plants need soil with air space so that their roots can expand freely. They need air space for the roots to breath. As there will be enough space for the excess water to flow down, loose soil does not allow the water to accumulate near the roots. This can avoid root rot.

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If you are trying to grow those plants in a hard soil without the air space, obviously the plants cannot develop and hence die. This does not mean you have to use completely loose soil. If you are using completely loose soil, the roots do not get sufficient support and hence cannot develop. The soil must be sufficiently packed such that the roots can hold the soil and grow well and should be sufficiently loose such that the excess water won't get accumulated.

4. Planting off the season:

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When it comes to the sowing season, most of the beginners commit this mistake. Everyone will be enthusiastic while having a beautiful garden. This enthusiasm can lead you to commit some silly mistakes. Each plant requires some optimal atmosphere for its growth. They require a specific temperature for germinating and growing healthy. For instance, warm-season crops such as beans, tomatoes and squash grow well in warm weather. They cannot tolerate cold weather. Similarly, cool weather crops like Capsicum, Radish, Green Peas can grow well in cool weather. They cannot tolerate high temperature and sunlight.

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So, you need to grow suitable plants according to the season. Instead, if you grow some random plants which cannot grow in that particular season, it is waste of time, energy as well as your money. Hence know about the seasonal plant and grow them accordingly.

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